Happy Friday = InstaFriday

Happy Friday everyone!  Here's a peek at our week. 

The magic of blanket forts.

Still hopelessly in love with my Toms. 
What's not to love? 
They have pink soles!

Because we couldn't be Mac to actually Tebow...
We gave her TebowFace courtesy of Daddy's birthday cupcake cake. 
No cell pic of that.  And even though Tebow lost the NINERS WON!!   
Yeah we're fans.

My pantry before.  You can read about in this post here.

And in case you were worried. 
My pantry today, after a nap time scramble. 

I'd like to say it was because I was inspired to get organized. 
It wasn't. It was as simple as having more groceries to put away. 
And if I was easily embarrassed I wouldn't mention
that I found Worcester sauce older than my daughter. 
No, the four year old!

The Hubby's birthday cupcakes.  Inspired by ElsieCakes.

If you haven't visited ElsieCakes please do yourself a favor and go there. 
It's an everything beautiful blog, with instructions and tutorials! 
These babies are from scratch, and I MADE THEM. 
As you can see I'm no professional, but I made them. 
And the Hubby... LOVED THEM. 
Is hording them. 
Looks like these are on the menu for Valentines Day and/or
"I was a horrible wife today" day, so here are some cupcakes, and sorry. 

How was your week?  Are you on Instagram? 
Look for Me! 
I'm absolutemommy... Of course!

Happy Blogging,

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  1. Cupcakes are definitely the way to go~ love it! ...and thanks for the link to all those awesome cupcake ideas. Your daughters are flipping adorable! Love any and every pic you post of them. I'm on instagram so I'll be following you asap. Have a great weekend Megan!

  2. Yum! those cupcakes look so good!!

  3. Over from Life Rearranged. Those cupcakes look soooo good!

  4. You take the cutest instagram photos! Those Toms are adorable - can't believe that they have PINK soles!

    1. Check them out here.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. i just got an iphone and am alerady obsessed with instagram! and i just found your blog from hollies link up and its adorable! i'm your newest follower and i'd love for you to follow me back!

    ps. i'm hosting a link up tomorrow on things that inspire us and i would love for you to link up!

    1. For sure! I'll be over to check you out soon. Please forward your instagram name... So i can follow you there too!
      Thanks for stopping by!