Anything is possible...

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This post was inspired by another blogger I met during a blog hop.  Courtney over at Lil Noodle Bug is the cutest.  No really she is.  She posted today about getting in shape for 2012, as she is turning 30... 30.  THIRTY!  I know the horror!  Well, I'm going to be 34, so I win Courtney.  Kidding.  Anyway, she wrote about her new fitness challenge, her $0.50 reward jar, and the cool app she is using.  She's also being really smart about it, and setting herself up for SUCCESS.  What really caught my eye though, was that she referred to herself as an "Obese-A-Tron".  Yeah, she really did.  Go and check it out over here.  So after she posted the link on Facebook I just had to respond... This is what I told her...

    Megan Hernandez Crutchfield You are NOT an obese-a-tron! I fully support you in this journey. Good luck. Begin each day saying I CAN. and you will. You're a mom, anything AND everything is possible! You grew a human, you can do this.
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  • Lil Noodle Bug Boutique Erin Patterson - Yes, let's make a date for the first weekend in June to celebrate! Megan Hernandez Crutchfield thank you so much for the encouragement!!!!!
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    Now I must give credit where credit is due.  My BF Krysten (click her name to check out her blog) owns the follwing phrase or phrases like, "What's the problem, you grew a human", or "It's not a big deal, I did grow a human".  Now if you read my blog you know that my BF got me out of and through a lot of dark places.  This phrase helped because, yes, indeed I grew a human.  Everything else is gravy right?
    Well no, being a mom is hard.  So hard in fact that, hard, doesn't even describe it.  Us moms go days, days I tell you, without the simplest things.  We eat cold dinners.  We forgo showers.  We still wear maternity clothes because it's there.  Sometimes we eat broken goldfish crackers and string cheese for lunch with an juice box chaser... Sound familiar?  So when we are faced with say losing a few pounds, sticking our neck out creatively and opening an Etsy shop, or starting a blog... It's no wonder that we drown in doubt. 
    So let's all say it together: 
    Anything and Everything is POSSIBLE!  I grew a human (or two).  I got this!
    Ok so it's not that easy, but why not?  Why do we forget that we grew the little beings that have taken over our households?  It's easy to forget we're amazing humans too.  It's easy to forget that anything is possible while buried by laundry, My Little Ponies, and dirty diapers. 
    Now, I mean no offense to non-parents who possibly stumble upon my blog.  To my friends and family that are without offspring, seriously no harm, no foul.  In all honesty motherhood and parenting in general is humbling. 
    Let's say it again: 
    Anything and Everything is POSSIBLE!  I grew a human (or two).  I got this!
    Still having a hard time?  Ok.  Let's stop a moment and think about a big accomplishment recently.  A big blog success.  A promotion at work, a new job perhaps.  Maybe you cooked up a fabulous holiday meal.  It felt really good right?  Did you smile uncontrollably?  Did you celebrate?  Now with that in mind, look at your kiddo.  You did that! 
    You can move mountains... No really you can!
    Don't worry.  I'm not always this positive or upbeat.  But I was inspired today by this idea.  It reminded me of when my oldest was born.  I called my BF a few days later and said, "I think I could run a marathon!  I just pushed out a baby.  From my body!  I can do anything".  That was seriously short lived.  You can read about that over here.  I'll be honest and say that most days are rough around here, but I'm trying.  I'm still alive and so are the kids.  I won't ever lie to you about that.  Obstacles are daily.  The challenges are sometimes overwhelming, but let's look them in the face.  Let's try to face those fears, conquer those goals, and let it be known...
    I grew a human... I got this!
    Happy Blogging,


    1. or my other favorite..."I grow people, what's your freakin' super power?" Love this post!!

    2. This is just the best thing ever... I grew three humans, what can be harder then that?! Thank you Megan for this awesome post.

    3. This is such a great read for all moms! We are so hard on ourselves and forget just how amazing we truly are!

    4. LOVE THIS! I did grow two humans! and before that I was a bridesmaid NINE TIMES! I got this! :0 thanks for the encouragement as we start our 2012 adventures!

    5. So needed this today ;) On Saturday, I ran my first 7 miles!! Then my mind flipped on me & I haven't been able to run since? Some sort of mental block or something. Anyway, I'm supposed to be running right now but had psyched myself out of it. Just read your post & now I'm off to the treadmill :) Thanks for the heavy dose of confidence, it was just what I needed today

    6. Very encouraging!!
      Stopping by from Casey's blog :)