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About a month ago, Amber from Sneakers over Stilettos, and Lena from Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby, decided to do an art swap.  So a bunch of us bloggers were pair off to share some art.  The idea was to give a piece that was special to them, or would inspire them.  It sounded like a great idea!

Sounded.  Not because I didn't like my swap partner.  I love her.  I got to swap with Cat from Stuff I Love.  We had fun emailing back and forth.  Trying to get ideas.  And I had loads of ideas.  I wanted to wow her.  So I bought some canvas.  I tore up a book.  I mod-podged, and painted, and stenciled, and vinyl lettered.  And you know what happened?  Uh, nothing but mess.  Ugly cracking paint on canvass, and streaked stencils.  Well, I never claimed to be an artist.

So, please go stop at Cat's blog to see what I "swapped" with her.  I hope she is just as happy with her art as I am with mine.
Now on to my new pieces!

Cat wanted to know what my decorating style was.  I told her "messy".  I let her know that I was really looking to create a little blogging space of my own in a corner of my bed room.  That said, I was looking forward to inspirational pieces.  This is what I got:

She had no idea what a Star Wars freak I was in high school.
Do I have a stash of Star Wars Pez dispensers in my garage?
Do I still put Han and Leia on my tree?
You had no idea did you?
Not many people do.
This was perfect!
Can't wait to put this in a matted frame,
or perhaps on a canvas...
On second thought,
better skip the canvas!

Oh, Cat.  If you only knew.
Well by this, I guess you do.
This is so the story of my blog.
And motherhood.
And life.
This is so perfect.
This one is going in a bright colored frame.
I can't wait!

What is better than making friends AND getting cool stuff?  Looking at what everyone else got!  This is a linky party y'all! 

Sneakers Over Stilettos and Mom 2 Memphis And Ruby Art Swap

Happy Blogging,

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