WIW: St. Pat's plus {The Hangover}

We are serious about St. Patty's day in the Crutchfield house.
We started celebrating on Friday, with a party at my aunt's day care.
Here is what I wore.
Some thing comfy to wrangle kiddos.

This is closet shopping at it's finest:
White T/Old Navy
Blue Cardi/NY&Co
Leopard flats/Kohl's
Green Tshirt scarf: upcycle/DIY

Then because it rained all day on St. Patty's, we stayed in and bakes. 
Cookies, cupcakes, and these thin mint cookie balls from Pinterest. 
I got rave reviews on the cookie balls. 
I couldn't eat them since they are not DOD friendly. 
Also I didn't want to post Saturday's outfit since it was
a green thermal henly with yoga pants,
and I looked pretty scruffy!

My new necklace from The Posh Daisy
just in time for St. Pat's.
 This was part my Sunday outfit.
Yes we celebrated Sunday too at the MILs.
So we wore green again.

Here is what Caitlin wore.
Green shirt with butterflies from Gymboree, and her hot pink tutu.
Also Green Irish Princess crown courtesy of Aunt Jen Jen.
On Sunday, she wanted to wear her dress since it had green hearts on it.
And as with any party, she is wearing her cupcake face.

Miss Mac wore her green striped Carters dress for both occassions.
After mom performed a magic trick to get out some major stains from Friday's party.
Also the picture on the bottom left was taken while I was trying to take my WIW.
Hair pretty by Mom, yes I got a little crafty.
And as usual Cupcake face.

How was your St. Patty's Day?
Do you like wearing green?
I love it, especially with navy and jeans.
But you could tell that already!

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  1. I love your outfit! And the girls looked adorable of course!

  2. You look great, and comfy! ;) Oh and I love The Posh Daisy!! ♥

  3. love that outfit! I think it's great that you dress for comfort, but still manage to look so put together and stylish!

  4. Looks you you had a great st patty's! That scarf if fabulous! Found you on the blog hop Now following :)


  5. hey! I made a scarf like that! ;)
    you look great! :)

  6. i love your outfit! I just posted yesterday what i wore on st patty's. i managed to look like a leprechaun lol. I love green & navy and even green & yellow combos :)

  7. Oh I LOVE the tshirt scarf/necklace!!!! A friend and I are getting together soon to do a couple DIY things and this is one we planned to do too! There are some REALLY cute tshirt bracelets on pinterest as well. I think we are doing one of those too! FUN!