Birthday Recap {Tues10} {WIW} PhotoBomb

My apologies in advance.
This is a bday recap, Tues10, WIW, InstaFriday,
train wreck extravaganza!
I've got over 150 emails for bloggy biz,
a mountain of laundry,
and Caitlin's bedroom under construction.
Things are outta whack, and disorganization has taken over!
So, here are a few posts, condensed into one.
I have to say, taking the weekend off from the bloggy was fun.
I even curbed my Facebook and Twitter time,
but as you can see, not my Instagram time!
WIW Hunger Games

Tshirt/Cafe Press - It's Effie!
Jeans/American Eagle
Katniss, Mockingjay, bow and arrow with a pearl necklace/Bday gift from BF courtesy of Etsy
Shoes/Pink soled Toms
Number One on my list for my Tues10/Birthday recap is the Hunger Games (#1).
(#2) My Effie Shirt in PINK!
(#3) My new Katniss necklace!
I went on Friday with my mom and two of my besties.
To say it was fantastic is not doing it any justice!
I laughed, I cried, I cheered for the boy with the bread.
Which as my BF pointed out is crazy, since I can't eat bread.
Star Crossed lovers indeed!

Saturday night we had some peeps over last minute.
Guess who picked out my cake (#4).
Yes, it's four candles, since being 30 is a given,
four lets me know how many times I've passed 30.
Caitlin helped me blow out the candles (#5).
Mac ate my slice (#6) since cake is not on the DOD!

Mac trying out my new iPhone 4s,
with it's magical reverse pic taking abilities.
She had a blast making faces at herself!
I love this kid!

left to right
(#8) My birthday morning alarm clock
(#9) My first officially signed bday card!
Isn't this what being a parent is all about,
Plus, it says "there'd be now me if it weren't for you"...
Bring on the tissue!
Did you all really think I'd celebrate without Bday Toms (#10)?
These were picked up on a last minute Pedi trip with my BF,
who spoiled me so rotten this year.
Katniss necklace, Pedi, Starbucks, bliss!
Thanks friend!
And now a little cheat on Tues10:
(#11) My new iPhone4s.
The phone I've been dreaming about!
Funny, because my hubby turned off my old phone on Friday about 5.
I called him in a tizzy, frantic without my phone!
No service, no 3g, no nothing!
He said to chill out, it was only a phone
and he'd fix it when he got home.
Say what?
Well the joke was totally on me, because
he brought home this pretty little baby.
I think I'll name her Fancy.

That's all she wrote.
I'm pretty spoiled don't you think?
That's what happens when you can't eat cake!


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Not only is she a fab rocker mama, but she is an amazing photographer!
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  1. Happy late birthday!! Those TOMS are cute!!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous birthday! I wanted to see Hunger Games for mine but it's not showing in Japan yet :(

  3. Spoiled indeed! Just what you deserve!!! Glad you had a fabulous start to celebrating 30!! Love ya friend!

  4. Cute blog! Glad I found it! I also JUST got the "new" Iphone last night and slighly obsessed with it... SO MUCH TO LEARN!!! :)

    oh yes, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. LOVE IT ALL! and I love how John gave you the phone....very clever :)

  6. What a fantastic birthday!! I love those TOMS!! So, I was following you via linkys and hellocotton but not GFC. I am now! :)

  7. not spoiled...LOVED :) love the TOMS! glad you had a good one xo

  8. I so saw your shirt and went and ordered me one! Cuuuute! I love how they portrayed Effie in the movie :)
    She was a tad annoying in the book but even still...I KNEW I was gonna love her clothes and the big screen did not disappoint. Love all her crazy colorful outfits:) Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    I don't know what took me so long to come join your blog?! Glad I'm here now. :)