Birthday Party Moms {WIWW}

Mustard Cardi: Target
Stripe Tank: Kohl's
Jeans: American Eagle
Toms: SBI Fresno
Necklace: Jewel Kade
Rings: Wedding Ring/Pearl Ring: Silpada

I had another opportunity to get "dressed" again last week. 

Caitlin was invited to a classmates birthday.  So the four of us went as a family.  Let me tell you in advance that the birthday boy's mom invited the entire class.  Both a.m. and p.m. kiddos.  It was a little crazy, but it was really fun. 

Here is what I loved about it.  This birthday party mama was a take charge kind of gal.  She didn't let anything or anyone stand in her way of getting our party on.  And she wasn't afraid to raise her voice.  As in, if your kid wasn't behaving properly she let them know, in the nicest way possible, of course, but she let them know. 

Now believe me, I do not tolerate someone else yelling at my kid, but if my child or children are out of control, I can appreciate something being said.  This mama was totally on her game, and wasn't scary or hurtful.  She was just "in charge". 

I have a soft place in my heart for her.  I had to do this once with a three year old and a whistle.  It left me embarrassed and horrified that I had actually yelled at some one's kid.  Has that ever happened to you at one of your kiddo's parties?  Did you have to "take charge" of a kiddo situation?

It also brought up another point that me and another mom were laughing about. 

Isn't your child's birthday party the most stressful day of your life? 

It's like your getting married all over again.  It's usually the day me and the hubbs fight about things like ice and butter cream frosting.  Things that mean nothing out of context, but on birthday party day mean everything.  That's what also had me giggling at this party.  The birthday party mom and dad, were doing the usual Husband and Wife routine.  She didn't like the placement of the balloons, he didn't like the placement of the bounce house, and someone overstuffed the pinata.  Laughable now, but to them, on that day, it was huge.

So how did I do?  Did I make good on another WIW?  Do you think I needed a belt?  Let me know because this was so comfy, it will be worn again.

Happy Blogging,

PS: Don't forget!  It's Leap Day!! 
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  1. You are SO right about the birthday parents! Usually, I'm the one who is freaking out, but for this past birthday, the BabbyDaddy was suddenly going nuts and all stressed out. I kept telling him to chill out, everything was fine! Everything was great in the end, except that my work-addled brain made me forget to invite two people :(

  2. Good color combo:) What shoes did you wear?
    We only made a I guess you could call it "big deal" for the first birthday parties...but it was still chill, you know?

  3. Cute outfit! I'm a belt girl, so I'd say yes to adding a belt. :) It would also be cute with strappy sandals!
    And yes, I've told other people's kids what to do - but I'm a teacher. Does that count? ;-)
    Fun post ~ thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend! xo, Reannah

  4. Love the colors on you! Totally something I would wear. You look great!

  5. I love that shirt. It looks super cute on you. And OMG yes on the birthday parties! For my sons 1st birthday last year I sent the hubs to the store for butter. I said I needed 4 stick to make sure it had 4 stick in the box. He came home with 4 boxes of butter!! Its funny now, but at the time (10:30 at night) I was so annoyed. I don't even know why I was annoyed... Needless to say, we had a lot of butter.