10 Things to do Tomorrow {Leap Year}

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So tomorrow is February 29th.  A day that only comes once every 4 years.  A whole day to make a difference, to be inspired, to love, and be loved.  How exciting right?  It may be foggy here in Fresno today, but the idea that I get one more day this year, to kiss on Mac's face and giggle with my Caity girl, makes me really happy.  When I think about life, and all of the things that can happen in a day or a year, one more day in 2012 is a blessing. 

Let's celebrate our extra day of 2012?  Need some inspiration?  Here are 10 ideas.

Kiss your favorite people and hug them tight.

Read or start that book you have been setting aside.  Looks like I'll be downloading the Hunger Games.

Call that friend you haven't talked to in a while.  That one who you always comment on their Facebook, but don't really talk to.  Call them. 

In the spirit of the Pass it Forward project, be kind.  Do one random act of kindness.

Bake something.  Anything.  And let your kiddos help. 

Remind your husband that you love him.  It's an extra day for him to hear it.

Discover something new.  New song, new show, new foods.  Go out on a limb today.

Take a walk, a run, a yoga class.  Anything to get your heart pumping.
Watch the movie Leap Year.  It's amazing and heartbreaking, and such a chick flick, it's worth every minute.  It's about that very ring up there that opened the post.  Historically Leap Year granted a reverse in the rolls, women could propose to men on that one day every 4 years.  That's what the movie Leap Year embraces.  There is something magical and antique about that ring.  Just like the magic and surprise in the move.  "Speak dear, this is Leap Year". 

No matter what you do or how you choose to celebrate, enjoy your extra day of 2012.  We all get one.  Now let's live it, choose February 29th, and celebrate.  Even if it's a private celebration with just a Venti something or another.  Enjoy it.

How will you celebrate your extra day?

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  1. haha love these ideas! i've had hunger games for awhile now... need to start that!

  2. Great blog idea Megs! These are perfect ideas. ^_^

  3. love all these ideas. I never really thought of February 29th as an extra day to get to enjoy... so thank you for giving me a new perpective!

  4. This is such a beautiful way to think of it! Thank you so much for sharing your perspective with us. I'll think of tomorrow completely differently now :)

  5. I think for once I'll follow my own advice - that'll be something fresh and new:)
    lovely post, deary!

  6. Great ideas and what a way to think of spending the extra day.

  7. I totally LOVE this! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I will definately celebrate tomorrow! :)

  8. I love this idea Megan!!!! I am going to bake tomorrow morning - just for you sweet pea!!! :) Possibly some banana bread?!
    Lots of love,
    Maggie <3