InstaFriday: God and Steve Jobs

Thank God and Steve Jobs for the iPhone. 

It keeps me up to date with all the news of the world.  For example I would have missed all the hulla-ba-loo about J-Lo flirting with some jail bait American Idol contestant if Perez hadn't tweeted it.  I would also miss updates on my favorite shows, music, and blogs.

I also would forget to take pictures of my kids and my world if it wasn't for my iPhone camera and Instagram.  Both keep me accountable.  I can't be the only parent who is chronicling the lives of their children on their cell phones.  I bet in the future we are going to be the pioneers of our time.  Isn't that why they started adding cameras to cell phones?  So you could post pictures of your cupcakes/Starbucks coffee/your baby eating spaghetti on Facebook?  My BF and I had this conversation a few days ago. 

When was the last time we picked up our real cameras?  

Life as we know it is being recorded one moment at a time on our phones. 
I'm ok with that.  I'd lose those moments in an instant if I ran for my camera. 
Here are some moments from this week.

I'm joining in on the Instagram #FebPhotoADay.
This is photo #1.
That's all you get.
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A little indulging before my DOD. 
Don't know about the Diet of Death.

This has to be thee cutest Groundhog's Day Craft.
I talked about it all day.
Look at that groundhog.
She was so proud.
So was I.
PS: Hair clips courtesy of Made By Munchies Mama

Because she says "cheese" every time my phone is out.
Did I mention her life is being recorded on Instagram?
Miss Mac, you make my day!

Happy Blogging,

Do I even have to say it?


  1. This is so true! Thank goodness for iPhones and Instagram because my real camera is a piece of CRAP! lol! I'm following you on Instagram now :)

  2. I don't have an iPhone, which means I don't have Instagram and I can't follow you. So sad.

  3. I'm visiting from InstaFriday. Great pics! Your girls are beautiful!! And you are exactly right about documenting our kiddo's lives with cell phone cameras!! I've even set up an email address for my little and have all my blog posts sent to it. So, when he's older, he'll have a bazillion emails to sort through and see pics of his childhood! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Your daughters are adorable, and I really love the groundhog craft too, way cute! :)