Things I Love Thursday {#1}

Since I'm still working on my Sponsor Spotlight for February I thought I'd take a little moment for some random stuff.  For some reason, I have a list of things I'm loving, so I thought I would share.  And then I was thinking that maybe you'd all like to join me.  Would you all like to link up with me?  Tell me all the things you love on a Thursday?  Things I Love Thursday, also spells TILT, so wouldn't it be fun to TILT over here on one Thursday a month?  Let me know in the comments.

Here are the things I'm loving:

My February Sponsors
Those lovely ladies over there in my side bar are rockstars of my blogging world. 
Check them out.  You will be impressed. 
I'm over the moon!

This guy!
Yeah that's a bow tie.
Yeah and the MJ episode
I'm sorry but if you are not watching Glee,
then you are seriously missing out on some MAJOR eye candy. 
This is Blaine Anderson, and sure he plays a gay high schooler,
but I know, that there are school girls, school boys, singletons,
and housewives everywhere that are swooning for this guy. 
Sure go ahead and say "Lame-O",
but did you watch the Michael Jackson episode? 
If you are a GleeK and haven't seen it I won't spoil it for you,
but if you aren't please, please watch just the opening scene. 
You just might change your mind. 
And to you Mr. Darren Criss,
you are the most talented thing I've seen since GaGa herself. 
That's just my opinion. 

Customer Service
Ok well customer service that I pay millions to get.  
I'm talking Starbucks people! 
The other night while getting dinner I stopped at Starbucks for my usual, 
Venti Black Iced tea, sweetened. 
While I waited I shopped teas, since my DOD starts on Staturday
and I need an herbal-caffeine-sugar free tea to help me survive. 
I found one, Vanilla Roobios.  Sounded good and met all DOD criteria. 
Now the big question, taste. 
I asked the cute, hippy/crunchy barista about the taste. 
It's great she said, then I explained my situation,
and then the MANAGER came over and asked if I wanted to try it? 
Well, duh! 
So she brewed me a GRANDE cup of the stuff. 
Well if you have ever ordered tea you know it's lava hot, so I asked her for some ice. 
Then when I explained that I would be drinking it cold,
she then added honey to said tea, and then poured it over ice in a VENTI cup. 
It was delish, and it was free.
I will be continuing to pay the light bills at Starbucks!!!

I want these.  End of story.


This picture that I totally stole from Samantha at Petite Femme Jolie
She is the cutest and she wants you to come over and have a cup of tea. 
For sure. 
She just hit 100 followers. 
So go congratulate her and steal this picture too. 


Recycled ruffled skirt made from old t-shirts. Quite brilliant.
Find this tutorial at SuburbsMama
Yeah, that skirt is DIY.  Yes, I'm going to find some courage and try to make it. 
As for the entire outfit, I want/need/crave to copycat it!

New Friends!
I just noticed that there are 132 followers here and
177 on the AbsoluteMommy Facebook page.
Welcome all you lovely people. 
Thank you for reading.

Happy Thursday!
Happy Blogging,


  1. LOVE that DIY skirt - the whole outfit is awesome! Also, Starbucks rocks. :)

  2. I'm SUPER excited for the V-day Glee episode! I've not been watching -every- episode this season (been catching the last ten minutes of some..) Will & Em are getting married! -SQUEE-

  3. I love Glee! And Darren Criss is quite nice to look at. I wish I could go to Starbucks, but sadly, we are down to one car around these parts and the husband is at work. Also wish I could pull off an outfit like the one above. I have no courage!

  4. Yay! Thanks for the shout out!!!!!! :)
    And that DIY skirt is too cute. You can do it!