WIWW: Hello Sunshine

Friday was beautiful in Fresno.  It was 73 degrees!  In February!  I know, right.  So all morning I debated.  Should I wear my newest outfit?  I bought it when it was super cold, and I was just waiting for a sunny day.  If I break it out now, I'll know if it "works".  So, I did it!  I went out on a limb, and tried YELLOW SKINNY jeans! 

Well, hello sunshine!

Toms/SBI in Fresno
Yellow skinny jeans/Aeropostale
Plaid shirt/Aeropostale
Little helper/Mackenzie

Notice how my jeans are cuffed?  Necessity when you are super short like me, but the "look" is growing on me.  Also my little helpers wouldn't stay out of my shots!  I told them mommy was trying to get her "fashion" on, and they looked at me like I was a super crazy person. 

I ran lots of errands on Friday.  Hit Joanne's and Whole Foods.  Did I mention the beautiful weather?  I even took the kiddos outside to play in the front yard to ride bikes and trikes and stuff.  This isn't my usual routine, but the weather was just begging for it. 

All in all a beautiful day!

I asked the Hubbs what he thought of my yellow skinny jeans.  Bad idea. 
His exact reaction: "You kinda look like an Easter egg".  Nice.

Oh well, I liked it.  I rocked it right?

And if you are wondering, this is possibly my new Easter "dress".  

Happy Blogging,


  1. I just ordered a pair of yellow skinnies for Ruby and thought to myself "I need a pair of these too!"
    You totes rocked them! ;)

  2. Thanks for linking up with us yesterday! I allready like you on facebook and i am a GFC follower but now you can add me to the linky follower.

  3. you look like the hottest easter egg in the basket:) if you got it, flaunt it right? and give kisses to your sweet "little helpers"...love the "getting your fashion on" line!

  4. Can't wait for warmer weather. Enjoy it!!

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  6. Cuffed skinny jeans are the best! (At 5'5", I still have to cuff mine! Apparently designers have decided that everyone should be at least 5'9"...)

    Love the outfit, love the hair, love, love, love!