What's your dirty little secret?

I know you have one. 
If you are like me you have SOME.

Did you little white lie your way out of a trip to the park?
Did you get dressed today?
Are you wondering how to sneak pizza
or a variation of it into dinner tonight?
How many times did Starbucks save you this week?
Sometimes we can drive ourselves crazy keeping it together.
Well let it go friends.
Celebrate the crazy and embrace it!
That's why we created this linky party!

We all have our ''off'' days and ChrissyLena and I
want you to spill your dirty secrets with us
on the last Saturday of every month!!

We're calling it Dirty Secret Saturday and
we really hope you'll link up with us!

Grab the button below and spread the word!

This is your chance to keep it real.
To be you and to be free.
There are no judges here.
Just lots of us with little secrets.
Some dirty.
Some funny.
All real!
Let's link up and support each other!

Some days are good.
Some days are great.
Some days need a reset button.

Mark your calendars for Saturday February 25th.
Will you join us and air some dirty laundry?

Happy blogging,


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