Twelve - One - Twenty Twenty


What a strange and wild ride twenty twenty has been. Didn't we have such high hopes for a new year and decade. I did. Then I didn't. Twenty twenty has been so much about survival. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. I've done so much writing and reflecting, most of which I have kept to myself. With the end of the year just one month away, I thought I'd try something different. For many of us, we have been home. Work from home, school from home, life at home. It hasn't been a terrible experience for my family. I'll admit, leading up to March 2020 we were already looking forward to lazy days of summer because of our already over extended schedules. When the world (or maybe it was just California) shut down, I for one welcomed it. Of course I didn't realize that two weeks would turn into, what is it now, nine months?

Here we are, with thirty days left. This story that I'm going to share with you is going to happen in real time. Maybe not every day, but I'm hoping to stop here in this space and let you know how we are trying to recapture some much needed magic. 

A few weeks ago, Mackenzie, age 10, started asking about our Elf, Esperanza. We have two elves, if you remember Buddy, and for the last few years, both elves have been living a life of luxury since we broke the cardinal rule and touched them. When my girls were little, they viewed the elves as part of our family and Christmas decor. When they started school they soon realized that our elves were the minority. Imagine their surprise when their friends told them that Elves were NOT TO BE TOUCHED!

Back to Mackenzie and Esperanza. 

Esperanza was gifted to us from Grandma Linda. Grandma bought the last available girl Elf and her book happened to be in Spanish. Hence the name, Esperanza, which mean Hope. Esperanza was never magical and didn't bring gifts or do fun things. I would tell the girls that the elves were here to take a vacation from Santa's workshop and it was up to us to show them love and let them relax. And it worked, until this year.

Last week Mackenzie wrote a very impassioned letter to Santa, pleading for Esperanza's magic to return. In the letter she let Santa know that she understood that Buddy was too old for such fun, but Esperanza needed her magic back. My heart broke for a number of reasons but two really stood out. 

One, this kid, despite the TikToks and James Charles videos, still believes in the magic of Christmas. Two, if there was ever a time for Christmas Magic, this is the year. We could all use some magic as we close this tumultuous and distanced year. I got to work. I made a calendar, and even followed the fun up with an activity advent of things that weren't too strenuous, but involved the entire family. We have been cooped up in this house for months, but honestly most of the time we are on devices, we all in the same room and all on phones or iPads.

Yesterday, Mac sprinkled cinnamon on Esperanza and put her on a high shelf so the cats wouldn't interfere with her return. We did a little research and cinnamon is the vitamin C of the Magic Elf world. We went to bed early and guess what?

We woke up to Esperanza, delivered special to this curtain rod, ready to fill this house with magic. Also today's activity is to choose three friends we miss and send them Christmas cards. After they sign out of virtual school we will get to work. Would you believe I have stamps and everything?