Magic Hair {Monat Review}

*****This review is a sponsored post. My opinion is given in exchange for product. 
These opinions are all mine as well as the results.*****

It's a safe bet that if you follow me on Instagram, then you know I've been giving the Monat hair care system a try. My friend and fellow blogger Jenny Sanzo started using Monat about six months ago. Her results were amazing, and it made me curious. Jenny is also a rep for Monat, so when she approached me a few weeks ago, asking if I was interested in reviewing the product, I couldn't say no. I had watched Jenny over Facebook and Instagram show off this fabulous hair that she claimed was close to effortless. Could it be as easy as a shampoo and conditioner? I had to find out for myself.

First, when you use the Monat hair care system, your personal representative will ask you a lot of hair questions. Is your hair thick or thin, colored or not, wavy or straight? Do you have a lot of volume and body? Is your hair limp and damaged? All of these questions play into how your personal rep will decide on a system that is right for you. I was honest and told Jenny that for the most part my hair was limp and very thin since having kids. I've lost what seems like an entire head of hair, it's sad. Jenny told me that the best system would be the one for volume, and sent me shampoo, conditioner, and a root lifter.

Here is the key to the Monat system: when you wash your hair for the first time using it, you have to leave your shampoo on for approximately three minutes, and you have to leave your conditioner on for ten. I'll be honest, I just estimated it. I left the shampoo on while I exfoliated and the conditioner on while I shaved my legs. Even with my estimation my hair turned out amazing. I also didn't even use the root lifter the first time. Per Jenny's instructions, I used zero product at all. Did you hear that? ZERO PRODUCT! I also just used a hair dryer and a flat brush. I didn't flat iron my hair or anything. The results were startling to me, my hair looked and felt like I had walked out of a salon. It was soft, full, shiny, and had this amazing body. The true test, however, was going to be how long that body and shine was going to last in the one hundred plus temps in Fresno that day. What better way than to take selfies all day on Instagram.

Selfie number one was just after drying it, and please ignore the almost bald spot (ugh, right?). It was soft and shiny and really bouncy, if you can even get what that means. I didn't want to get too excited because I hadn't even moved yet, and you know how your hair looks awesome and then you put on a shirt and then it looks like you slept on it for three days? Oh, just me? Well, that was one of my fears.

Here we are about four hours after shampooing and drying my hair. I was pretty impressed to say the least. It still had body and it had this kind of flippy thing happening that I didn't mind at all. Usually the only way I get my hair this straight and shiny is with a flat iron, but the flat iron usually makes it really flat. Hence the name apparently. Anyway, I felt like my hair was soft and smooth, but still bouncy. I liked that.

Eight hours later and the temperature read one-oh-four. Oh, would you look at that, my hair still looks amazing. As if I just stepped out of a salon. At this point in the day I was impressed. I was on my way to take my daughter to dance and even the heat and sweat couldn't break the Monat magic spell on my hair.

Twelve hours later and I was ready for bed, but my hair was ready to party. After all the driving, sweating, and running around, my hair was still looking good. This pretty much sealed the deal for me, since my hair never looks this good on a regular day. I didn't even wear make up, but who could tell with my hair looking so fabulous?

So sure, I used it one day, but what happens when I go ahead an use it for a week? This is what happens...

This kind of body and shine is what happens after a week of Monat. This time I used the root spray, and by that I mean I did like three to four pumps and boom. It looks like I spent a lot of time curling my hair and drying it with one of those round brush things my hair gal uses. Full disclosure: I did not. I washed it, conditioned it, used some root spray and dried it. Then I brushed it out. When I say Monat is magic hair, I truly mean it's magic hair. I would not use a system that required lots of time and effort. Who has time for that?

Here I am with my Monat magic hair at the first Fresno State tailgate and game. I'm smiling because I feel really good about my hair. Something I haven't felt for months since chopping it all off in May. My hair outlasted me that day and night. I promise you guys, Monat is some serious magic. This wash and dry game is my jam, and beautiful shiny hair is effortless with this system. For more info, leave your email address in the comments or contact Jenny Sanzo on Instagram.

It's time you had some magic hair too!


  1. Wow your hair looks amazing! I doubt this would work on mine though!

    1. Email your address and I'll send you a sample. Can't hurt to try, right?

  2. Im excited to hear your review...sounds good. Id like to hear more!

  3. Wow, this sounds amazing! Hair styling...#aintgottimeforthat!

  4. Your hair looks amazing!! wow so awesome

  5. I am always looking for amazing products for my hair. I have the worst. hair. ever. It is frizzy and dry and it gets on my nerves. It looks AWFUL if I don't hot roll it or straighten it. I may just have to give this a try since it worked so well for you.

  6. I have thin short hair, want it to grow thicker and have more volume to my hair. I dye my hair but have no other problems with it. What would you recommend? I was going to try just reshape root lifter but do I have to use the shampoo & conditioner too. I was my hair every day thanks for reply.Vera