GD it's GFree {Cake Mix Crinkle Cookies}

I swear I have had this recipe on my blog planner since I made them in December. Then Christmas happened, then New Years, and oh I'll just push them another week. That's been my story for the past month or so. Then today, a mom of one of my Girl Scouts sent me a text that she needed a Gluten Free dessert recipe, and could I share the one for those wonderful gluten free cookies from the Christmas Party?

A non gluten free person asking for the recipe for the "wonderful gluten free cookies".

Of course I shared it with her, but it also prompted me to share it with all of you. I made these for our Girl Scout Christmas party and Caitlin's class party. Both times there were numerous gluten treats and both times this cookie was gone faster than the gluten treats. This fact makes me incredibly happy because it means that if I decide to take these gluten free cookies to another party at school or dance or again to Girl Scouts, the kids and parents will enjoy them just as much as my gluten free girl. Another bonus, no one will wonder who the hell baked the rocks at the end of the table. That's happened before, much to my embarrassment.

These Gluten Free Cake Mix Crinkle Cookies were inspired by this recipe. I was looking for something easy, since I was baking three different kinds of cookies for Caitlin's third grade Christmas Party. I know what you are thinking, and sometimes I am "that mom". For the record, Caitlin has another classmate that is gluten free and I wanted to make sure there were enough for the other kids to try. This is how I can gauge what to bring for other parties. The trick to this recipe is to use Pillsbury Gluten Free Funfetti Cake Mix, because it's closest in weight to regular cake mix. Betty Crocker has a killer chocolate cake mix as well, but it makes a smaller cake, therefore the weights aren't as close to a regular mix. I'm not a professional, so I didn't want to try this recipe and fudge my way through. I needed quick and easy cookies that could be made start to finish in about an hour. These pretty much fit the bill.

I hope you like these cookies as much as everyone in my house, at school, and at Girl Scouts. It didn't matter that they were gluten free, and most people were surprised when I told them! They are super easy to make and smell amazing when they are baking. They come out light and fluffy too, so they will never be confused for rocks. I promise.

Gluten Free Funfetti Cake Mix Crinkle Cookies
**Note: the link to Amazon for the GF Funfetti cake mix says it's out of stock. I've also found it at Walmart and Target in their baking aisle. You can also buy it at for a reasonable price. 

1 box GF Funfetti (Pillsbury)
1 egg lightly beaten
1 tub Cool Whip (just the small tub)
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper (I use the pre-cut sheets because they are perfect for lazy bakers like myself). In a large bowl combine the cake mix, Cool Whip, egg, and vanilla. Mix together, and don't freak out. The dough is super sticky. In a separate small bowl measure out your powdered sugar. Using a cookie scoop, scoop out dough and roll into a ball. I used a scoop that measures about 1.5 tablespoons. Then roll that ball into the powdered sugar and place on the cookie sheet. Half way through you will probably need to rinse your hands because the dough will be so sticky. That is normal, just so you know. Also don't place them too close together, gluten free cookies don't really spread, but it's better to be safe. Once you have filled a cookie sheet, take a fork or a small glass and flatten out the cookies. Again, this is because gluten free cookies don't really spread and you may end up with funky cookie balls. Bake for 12-15 minutes. I think mine were good at 13 minutes. Let them cool before removing them or they will fall apart... Not that I know from experience. Yield: about 2 dozen depending on size.


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