Better Things are on the way! {Mom Giveaway}

I've been talking up the new FX show Better Things for over a week. Thanks for FX, I have a new favorite show! Thursday nights at 10 pm are booked for this season, which says a lot since I'm a huge fan of How to Get Away with Murder, which is on at the same time! Serious choices are happening.

If you read my first Better Things post, then you know I love Sam and her gang, but last week's episode (episode two) introduced us to Sam's mom, Phil. How do I explain Phil? I can't, you have to see her in all her British accented glory. Don't miss a moment of Sam and her life as TVs best mother.

To celebrate Sam, and mothers everywhere, FX has sent me a gift basket to giveaway to one of my readers. What fabulous swag can you look forward to? Giveaway items include:

Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Leather Clutch for mom’s things
Emergency Beauty Kit
Hypoallergenic travel pillow
Ultra-Soft travel pillow protector
Essential Oils Blend Mini

Cool Blue Tooth Keyring and Ray Ban Sunnies in a ultra hip black leather clutch!
Super soft travel pillow!
Glamorous Ray Ban Sunnies in their signature case!
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog about your current guilty pleasure. Starbucks? Chocolate? Grey's Anatomy? Currently mine is Better Things... So tell me yours for one entry. For extra entries, visit my Facebook page, visit my Instagram feed, or SHARE THIS BLOG POST! When you do, tag me so I can count your entry. This giveaway will close MONDAY 9/25.

Have fun, and don't miss tonight's new episode of Better Things!


  1. Texting my favorite bitchy bitches! Oh and sleep. Sleep is always a good guilt.

  2. I watched this show for the first time last night, and I loved it. Could totally relate. My guilty pleasure is waiting till 8:30 when my kids go to bed, I binge watch all of my favorite shows (better things will now be added) while eating my kids fruit snacks, and ice cream.

  3. Reality TV for sure! We don't have cable, so I watch it all on Hulu the next day (or next week). I actually like saving up like 3 weeks of shows & watching them all at one time - so I don't have to deal with sooooo many cliffhangers. Tv, a bowl of cherry garcia ice cream & a small glass of wine. Oh heaven.

  4. My guilty pleasure is the CW! Their shows are just so fun!

  5. My guilty pleasure is Starbucks. I have a few favorites from there I have to have all the time

  6. My guilty pleasure is the Twilight books.

  7. My guilty pleasures are reading romance books, eating cupcakes,drinking sweet tea

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  8. My guilty pleasure right now is re watching the complete series of Gilmore Girls getting ready for the Netflix version in November, now to figure out what to do with my Husband when it premiers.

  9. Just started watching this show OMG this show cracks me up and I watch mistresses too :)

  10. I LOVE the show Better Things. It is hi-larious! One of my guilty pleasures is candy corn + crap tv on Sunday afternoons.

  11. I need to start watching this show - it sounds fantastic! My guilty pleasure is also Gilmore Girls! (Hi Annamarie Voss!) I just started watching on Netflix and am kicking myself for not watching when it was on!