Wore {November 2014}

Because November ended almost two weeks ago... Because this was my last chance to show off some outfits I slapped together. Because I just love the Outfit of the Day Selfie.

Let's talk about finding an old maternity sweater you bought when you weren't even pregnant, in the back of your closet on the first weekend of November. I wore this sweater almost three years ago for family pictures. And unless I tell people, they have no idea that it's maternity.

Something about this scarf said Fall is upon us. And it was the first truly cold day in Fresno, so I wore the outfit on the left to work, came home and put on jeans for my Walmart trip, as evidenced on the right. Incidently I wore the same outfit three weeks later for Thanksgiving. If I had thought it through, I would have worn that scarf, every day of November.

I really, really wanted to wear this plaid shirt to work. Alone, without the cardi, it looked too casual. So, I added the cardi, but the sleeves of the shirt bunched. So... I cut the sleeves off of the shirt so I could layer it. I've done this with like ninety percent of my collared or flannel shirts. I leave the seam of the sleeve so it doesn't fray, and I wear them more often because I can layer them. The Hubbs thinks it ridiculous, but he just doesn't understand that bunchy sleeves are not my jam.

Fall in Fresno is hit or miss, so this was an actual dipction of my day. Scarf, sweater, jeggings, and boots in the morning. Toms, button down, and jeans in the afternoon. I haven't cut the sleeves off this pink button down yet... But I'm pretty sure it's going to happen.

This is a gratitutios selfie because I was super proud of my new camo shirt, that I cut the sleeves off. I know, I have a problem, someone should take my scissors away. But this shirt was so fun to wear, and adding the hoops and the necklace dressed it up in an unexpected way. The shirt was on clearance at Target, for like eleven bucks.

I do this thing on Instagram where I will say "Pinned it. Wore it". It's kind of bragging, but it's also very honest as I will go thorough my Pinterest boards for outfit inspiration the night before I work. I wore a brown cardi because I couldn't find my ivory one. I think I would have liked this outfit better with the Ivory.

I pulled all the stops for Black Friday. My printed Christmas scarf, with another maternity sweater, and jeggings. For the record, this maternity scarf was actually purchased for maternity purposes. I added the long sleeved shirt, because it was actually chilly the day after Thanksgiving. Also to continue to be transparent on this blog, I bought Christmas Tree earrings at work to complete the outfit. Yeah, I was totally that person on Black Friday.

Another Pinned it, Wore it attempt. On this night I was super sick, super tired, and super over the fact that I had to work until ten at night. Thanks Pinterest for making it easy.

To end November, the family and I got all fancy and went to the Nutcracker. I wasn't super excited about my booties, but I didn't have any other shoes that I could wear for longer than ten minutes. The dress is super old, and is not only my "asshole in a dress" dress, but a dress I blogged about before. Short story: It's from Ann Taylor Loft, originally eighty eight dollars, I paid nineteen ninety nine. I wear it every possible chance I get. Even if that ends with me being an asshole in a dress.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Megan, who had a subscription to InStyle, who idolized Carrie Bradshaw, who once bought a pair of suede, stacked heeled pumps and then had to create an outfit around them. Megan always wore make-up, always remembered to curl her eyelashes, and always wore lipstick. Then she had kids, forgot about things like mascara, traded InStyle for Parents Magazine, and packed all the pretty shoes away. Today you will find her mostly in jeans older than her youngest daughter, or on the days she works, posting Outfits of The Day on Instagram.

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