We. Are. Tired {first half week of school}

 It's Wednesday and the exhaustion has set in. The first week of school is always the hardest, but this year, this year is kicking some serious ass. We are happy, we are having fun, but we are very, very tired.

Today drop off was a breeze, but it was early release and before I knew it, I had to be back to pick up Mac for kinder pick up. Then forty five minutes later back for Caitlin's pick up. With the temps hitting over one hundred today, I was exhausted after shuffling and shuttling kids for the better part of an hour.

But with early release comes some fun. We spent the remainder of the afternoon with my grandparents who are the girls great grandparents. This is one of my life's greatest gifts. To see the joy on my grandparents faces when my girls come over and bring all their noise and chaos. My grandma who will always and forever have a two gallon bucket of ice cream in her fridge year round; offers it as if it's the perfect snack day or night. My grandpa who asks ridiculous questions like if there are bears at school, or if their teachers bark like dogs, can always make the girls laugh. Mackenzie took a nap there. Caitlin did her homework. I talked to my grandpa about baseball. All in all, the best way to spend an afternoon.

By dinnertime, I was in no mood or shape to cook. Did I mention I went for a run at 5:30 this morning. Usually I wouldn't "brag" or "toot" my exercise horn, but my neighbor and I wanted to get a jump on the day, and did we ever! However, waking up that early requires rest that I didn't get last night because, Buzz Feed videos. So by dinner, I was wiped out. Chicken nuggets, Mac and Cheese, leftovers from Monday. Whatever they wanted really. Then I sat. I regrouped. Before I knew it, it was bedtime.

It's Wednesday and the exhaustion has set in. We are so very tired and we still have two days to go. We can do it. We are the little engines that could and can and will always keep going. But really, I just want to sleep in.

And also, I really miss summer. Back to school recaps to follow when I can string together coherent thoughts again.

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