Who's That Girl

The person formerly known as Megan made an appearance last night.  Go ahead and laugh, but I'm very serious.  It was my hubby's birthday celebration and I pulled out all the stops. Shower, make-up (including eye brows), and hair (including flat iron).  I even wore new clothes.  Skinny jeans, plaid shirt, boots.  I have to laugh.  This would not be a big deal in some peoples life.  For this mother, it's a celebration in itself.

So how on earth did I get here? I'd like to say, I'm too busy being a Domestic Goddess, to mess with such things. That's a lie.  My house is in shambles, the dishes are dirty, the laundry is piled up, and both kids are screaming for reasons unknown.  I however continue to tune out as I drink tea and check out Perez Hilton from my iPhone.  I'll admit most days I'm too lazy to care about what the folks at Target and Vons think about my unwashed hair and the bags under my eyes. I have more important things to worry about, like making sure my girls look like they walked out of an Old Navy add, with clean faces and unstained clothes.  I'd have to say my priority is making the girls look good, which means Mommy takes a back seat.

I remember the days when leaving the house without makeup was simply out of the question.  If I remember correctly I never left the house without make up until I went on maternity leave when I was preggers with my first.  She'll be 4 in June.  Can I seriously admit that between the ages of 15 and 29 I never left the house without make up??? Wow!

I know there are mom's out there who do it. Everyday, get up, get make-up'd and get dressed.  They look presentable and I love them for it.  God bless you working moms, who do it day in day out and make it look good.  I guess I'm not that motivated.  I wish I was that motivated day in and day out.  I love to look, whats the word, decent?  I laugh, it's just that the other day while I was washing my hands, I look in the mirror and thought, "Who the hell is that old lady?.  Crap, it's me.

So maybe one resolution for the year is to take back my looks.  Make those things a priority!  Put on your make-up, flat iron that hair, shower for the love of all things holy.  I guess a better goal for me is to be happy with what I do have time for.  Maybe one day it's good looking hair, maybe another day it's eyebrows.  I'd like 2011 to be more about me making myself a priority.  There is nothing wrong with that, right?

So as I close for today - it is my Hubby's birthday, and I still need to go out and buy a cake (how's that for domestic goddess?), today is not the day for making my looks a priority.  As I write this, I'm still in my pajamas, as are both kids.  So tomorrow I'll start with new priorities, or maybe I'll just wear pjs again.

Happy blogging,

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