Best Laid Plans

My goal in starting this blog was to post every week.  It was going to be my escape, my little mommy time out all of my own… Well it didn’t happen.   I apologize to those who have been following and enjoy reading this blog weekly.  It really was the plan.  However as most of us mommies know, we plan and our children laugh, out loud, and in our faces.

Last weekend was one for the record books.  We had 2 separate birthday parties on our calendar.  They were loads of fun, and both kids had a great time.  The Hubs and I were exhausted.  We had no idea what most parents had been doing for years… the never ending kid event schedule.  In the old days, the hubs and I were party animals.  Two parties or more in one day would be nothing to us, easy, piece of cake.  Now with the kids in tow, 2 PARTIES?  Are you JOKING me?  We now know that this is just the beginning.  It’s pretty sad when 9:00pm feels like 2:00am.  Ugh!  Dare I say, I’m getting to old for this crap???

I confess I had a moment of panic at birthday party number 2.  The child in question is by far the genius on the block.  She talked and wore big girl panties first.  She is currently bi-lingual, working on becoming tri-lingual.  She is a blossoming artist according to her art teacher and a soon to be classical musician according to her music teacher.  Uh, my kid knows all the words to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.  Sometimes she draws people with arms, and she can count to five in Spanish, sometimes.  So going to the party, both the Hubs and I were prepared to feel a little less than stellar parents. 

The kids played together like normal kids do, never knowing that there was a genius among them.  It was when they all came together that the truth came out.  At this party there was a 2 man musical ensemble singing kids songs.  To start they asked the bday girl to tell everyone how old she was, first in English, then in Spanish, and then in FRENCH.  The Hubs, gave me the look, you guys know the one.  The one that says, “Oh crap we are falling behind the curve”.  I laughed it off, but of course I was wondering should I talk to the French teacher that is currently in the kitchen cleaning up the snack table?  I wonder how much she charges. 

My freak out began!  What have I done?  My little ball of clay is not being molded into the genius I was planning.  Maybe I should go out and buy a chemistry set after this party, and workbooks in French.  Or maybe in English, because we haven’t really mastered that language yet either.  OH CRAP, my kid is going to flunk out of preschool and at this point will never go to college and it’s all my fault because I let her watch Twilight!!

Really has it come to this?  They are 4 or on their way to be 4.  Is it bad that my daughter can’t speak French?  Or play the piano, or make crepes?  No it’s not.  Can the kids tell, well of course not.  The only people feeling the heat are us, the parents. 

So what!  So my kid likes to sing Katy Perry songs.  She is sort of tri-lingual.  She spoke Mandarin Chinese before she spoke English thanks to Ni-Hao KiLan.  My little preschooler knows Lady GaGa, and recognizes her songs.  She also knows that one of mommy’s favorite movies is the “Edward and Bella” movie, and that Jacob is “the good bad wolf”.  So there!  Can the bday girl pick Lady GaGa out of a line up?  Probably not.  That’s ok too, but I refuse to feel bad because we are not currently enrolled in French class.

The real reason for this rant is simply because I’m jealous.  I’m jealous that these parents have the organization and commitment to take their daughter to 4 classes a week.  I’m jealous that on most days I’m still in pjs and my preschooler is screaming about how I cut her pb&j.  I’m jealous that I can plan and plan and plan, and someone, usually someone under the age of 4, throws a wrench in it. 

On a side note, I returned to the working world this past week.  For those who don’t know, I work seasonally for the IRS entering tax returns.  Here is why I love it:  It’s only for about 5 months, I get a little break and a chance to be ME again, and I download audio books to my iPod.  I get to listen to books I would never have the time to read.  It’s pretty great.  Here’s why I don’t love it so much:  I have to be super organized with diaper bags, bag packs and lunches.  I have to leave my kiddos for like 10 hours, and I have to then come home and do all that other stuff. 

I’m formally taking the time to THANK all you working moms who do this 24-7/365.  You are my idols and heroes.  Your job is by far harder than mine.  Don’t let anyone take that away from you.  In 5 months or so, I’ll be home again, back to what I call the “lazy zone” of,”I’ll get to that tomorrow”, or “later”.  For now, I’m trying to get the week set in on day, namely Sundays.  Again THANK YOU WORKING MOMS.  I’m going to try my best to do the title justice.

New goal… I WILL POST EVERY SUNDAY.  Best laid plans right?  Don’t laugh; the kids are doing that for you…

Happy Blogging,

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  1. I am sure you are doing much better than you think you are Megan! And, being a working mom is definitely hard. I can attest to both now. But being a SAHM is really hard too. They are both equally hard but in different ways! I am trying to balance it all out too!