Nine {on our ninth anniversary}

For the Hubbs on our ninth wedding Anniversary.

Nine things I love about you.

The way you make me laugh, even when I don't want to.
Even when I'm mad at you.

Your laugh. The one you do until you cough.
Like when we saw that guy combing his beard at a four way stop.

You know how to fix things.
Like broken cabinets and lights.
And even the fifty dollar vacuum that was so obviously dead.

That you clean the house when I'm not home.
It used to bother me, but not anymore.
Because I hate to clean.

The text messages you send through out the day.
Some husbands send mushy texts of undying love and affection.
You send me pictures of fat guys on scooters.
Because you know my language of love.

That you speak in movie quotes.
That we can talk in Beerfest quotes.
I really would freeze you in the winter and skate on you.
Among other things from that quote.

That out of all the things I've ever called you,
(asshole, shit face, et al.)
my favorite name you answer to is "Dad".

That you have never given up on me, even when I have given up on myself.
That you are always the voice of reason and optimism, 
even when I don't want a voice at all.
That you love all my faults, 
and perhaps even love me because of them.

I love you because that's what I decided on the last 
Friday night in July of 1999.
When it was so hot I couldn't see straight and 
you were wearing a long sleeved button down.
You were so dressed up and standing in the kitchen drinking a beer, 
and I said,"Who died", 
and you fave me the funniest look.
Thankfully my sarcasm wasn't lost on you.

Happy Ninth Anniversary Hubbs.
Because it would never have worked without you.


  1. happy anniversary. Wishing you continued bliss. Hugs!

  2. I love this. So sweet and fun to hear a little about your inside jokes. Happy 9 years! Here's to many, many more!

  3. Ahh! I love this.. I really need to do something like this for Po.. especially considering he's driving me to the point of peeling off my own skin lately. I read this and once again awarded myself the "Bad Wife" of the year award. It sits nicely beside the "Bad Mom" of the year award. It's funny and sweet and ridiculous things; ridiculously simple things, you mentioned that gave me that feeling of mush for my "other" half. I'm not giving him the better-half title today, I'm not going crazy or anything. But you guys made me smile... made me think yah... we're like that too. Happy anniversary guys!

  4. I so get your kind of love. We have a much similar love. One of the fun things we do is send each other the phrase "love text". Over a year ago we were discussing how we never send each other mushy gushy love texts so one of us sent the phrase "love text" and now that is what we do as just a little I'm thinking of you and I love you during the day.

  5. Happy Anniversary to one of my couples in the universe. Love you #absolute_lovers :D

  6. *favorite couples in the universe. Tired over here. Can ya tell? xo