Hello Reality {goodbye Spring Break}

In the morning I will say hello to reality and goodbye to spring break. While my kids get one more day off, I will be at work well before they wake. It's the best way to close this years spring break. This year spring break felt real. Both girls and me left to decided how we would spend the days that Mom didn't have to work. A Tuesday spent in the absolute luxury of having nothing to do, nowhere to be. A Thursday doing what we love most, walking through Target, spending time with each other. And while they didn't have a single care in the world, I did. Because I knew this little pocket of time, so magical in it's minutes, was to be short lived, and very soon, it was to be over. Like most things we do, we made memories out of ordinary occurrences, we savored the most unorganized days, and we watched the sun slip behind the roof tops almost every night. Even as we say goodbye to spring break, we have hope and anticipation in our hearts for Summer break, because I can only imagine what magic those minutes will bring. 
Hello Monday, Hello Reality, Hello hope for more ordinary days.

In clothes that we slept in and house hold chores forgotten, we colored eggs after a very late lunch. And no one noticed the dishes in the sink or the crumbs in the carpet.

Waiting patiently while I take a picture before we got down to business. She is smiling a true smile and that is success in itself.

 I'll take a half smile from Mac, since she has decided that she only likes to take pictures on her terms. She lost interest in eggs about half way through, so I finished them. I did so happily, surprisingly enough.

Caitlin had to wait patiently for Mackenzie to wake up. She wanted to sleep longer, even when we told her the Easter Bunny had come. Bed head and chocolate bunnies really do make for a happy Easter morning.

Pretty dresses for the little ladies. In old shoes or hand me down shoes, because it's not always perfect. But these two looked perfect all day, and smiled and posed with only minor begging on Mom's part.

 Out of all the desserts offered on Easter, this kid chose a chocolate doughnut with purple sprinkles. Don't come between a girl and her doughnut. 

 All on her own. Caitlin is always on an adventure, with a story in her mind. One day she will share those stories and I can't wait to hear them. 

Pretty dresses for pretty girls. I'm still surprised they picked out these dresses, because they don't usually like to get this dressed up. I'm glad they wanted to look like ladies even if it was just for one day.

I hope you all had a happy Easter and a very magical Spring Break. Happy Monday. 


  1. LOVE their dresses.. cute little easter girls =)

  2. The most ordinary days are the most magical for us also. After work today we played in the yard, bounced balls in the hallway, did chores, had supper, and watched tv but yet it was wonderful in its simplicity. Your girls are adorable and looked like precious little ladies in their Easter best.

  3. Darling! Glad you had a great Spring Break and a Happy Easter!