Working Girl {March 2014}

Sometimes the easiest part of going to work is getting dressed. I'll admit some days I stare into my closest for a full twenty minutes before I know what I'm going to wear. Still deciding on what to put on is almost always easier than making sure child care is in order, that I have lunches packed (mine included), and instructions left in my absence. That's why I continue to post outfits of the day, and what I'm wearing. Because sometimes the most fun I have all day is getting all dressed up and having some place to actually go. I'm sure the novelty of it all will wear off eventually, but for now, I'm keeping up with it. I don't always post what I'm wearing, especially if it's a repeat, but posting helps me keep it fresh, inspires new ideas, and always confirms that sometimes what I see in the mirror isn't as bad I think. We all have those days, where we feel fuller than others, or maybe where we aren't as confident in our clothes as the day before. Posting to Instagram helps, and in the most self centered way possible. Because the likes and the comments always make me feel a lot better about that person staring back at me in the mirror.

This was most likely the last day I wore skinnies tucked into boots for the year.
It's warmer here now, even with the rain.
I still really like this outfit and can't wait to bring it out in full rotation next fall.

Date night at the Fresno State Basketball Game.
The Hubbs thinks I wear way too many layers.
I think it's just enough.

This is my St. Patrick's Day outfit.
I have to admit I had totally forgotten that this Piko Top was an option.
I usually reserve the Piko for work.
Looking at this and wearing it all day, I'm convinced I need one in every color.
It was like wearing PJs all day.
Plus how awesome does it look half tucked?

I found this royal blue top in the back of my closet, on the side
I have reserved for all of the fancy clothes I used to wear.
What was I waiting for?
It was perfect with a layering tank and a black cardi.
I remember this was a Sunday shift and I wanted to be as comfy as possible.

Pedal pushers and ponytails can only mean one thing.
You are going to look like Gidget all day.

This is one of my most favorite things to wear.
It's an old blouse I bought at H&M before I was married.
So like nine years ago.
I saw a mom at preschool drop off in a similar ensemble and I thought:
You must copy that gal, I mean, really.
So I did, unbeknownst to her.
I think this will be perfect for a trip to the coast.
If I ever make it to the coast!

Caroline G shop necklace.
Basics never had it so good!

I cannot get enough of half tucked shirts.
This one is a tank top.
This was my outfit while the Hubbs and I took a day to ourselves.
It was just enough to look put together, 
and not enough to make the Hubbs uncomfortable.
You gals know what I mean...

I love me some pinned it/wore it.
This attempt was made easier by the fact that I had all this in my closet.
When in doubt, Pin.

Trying to mix it up, on what I think was a Friday night.
All pieces previously worn with other things.
Together they make for a no brainer.

I love this mint boyfriend cardi that I got for NINE DOLLARS at Target.
The floral print shirt is also from Target.
These are in regular rotation as we speak.
Because they just scream spring.
I'm like a walking Easter egg.

Old jeans and old flip flops made new again by this new top.
It's hard to see in the picture, but it looks like a water color painting.
Mints, pinks, and baby blues.
Also I'm laughing because the Hubbs is trying to flip off the camera.

A birthday selfie to show off my new bag.
I sent a picture via text to the Hubbs about this bag three weeks ago.
Not only did he buy it, but instead of buying it online, he went to the mall.
He hates the mall.
Best. Birthday. Gift.

Tried out this new cotton button down from Old Navy two ways.
I'm loving the way it looks tucked in.
Plus, I'm for anything that makes my Bermuda granny shorts look fresh.
Now to go back and buy one in every color.

Getting ready for work, with my photo bomber in the background.
The Hubbs thinks I'm off my rocker ridiculous taking all of these #ootd pics.
I told him that inquiring minds want to know.
He told me you all are just being nice.

Three things:
1- I haven't found a use for this purple shirt until now.
2- I got my hair done on this day and am in love with how it looks in this picture.
3- I have my shirt tucked into the pocket of my pants. It's the only way it looked good.

When your mom calls and says to meet her for pedicures, her treat, you run.
But first you shave your legs for the first time this spring (kind of joking),
put on some shorts (that still fit from last summer, yeah!),
and you wear your new hooded zip up shirt that your husband bought you 
because it's Fresno State and was on sale.

What happens when you put zero thought into what you are going to wear to work
a Friday night closing shift?
You pull out this sweater you forgot about.
Paired with these comfy trousers, a layering tank, and my Looluh Rue necklace.
It was a win/win.
Also what do you all think about my half up half down hair do?
I'm kinda on the fence about it.

I ended the month in this.
Comfort and ease.
And yes, that is a ruffled shirt, which I call my Seinfeld puffy shirt.
I cut the sleeves off this shirt too.
I know, I know, but I love it so much more 
without the sleeves catching in the arms of my cardi.

So that is it from this reformed Stay at Home Mom, now part time Working Girl.
Any suggestions? What do you think? How did I do?


  1. I've been a working girl (and now working mom) since I was 16 years old. Which means I've been in the workforce for 12 years....and I've never looked as cute as you. I dress at the bare minimum requirement for office casual because I'm lazy. You make me want to try and be cuter.

  2. I love the half up half down hair and that outfit...fave outfit of the month has to be...oh shit...can't decide. Really do love them all:)

  3. Yah so all of my "management" clothes are packed away because the doc sent me home again. I'm not even found in jeans so much anymore... it's cargos with paint all over them... oh and they're torn because that makes them comfy. I'm such a slacker, I freakin' love it. But see there's a method to my madness, when I'm working on my shops and I get paint or glue or coffee on me I can just wipe it on my pants. See, that's my idea of a no brainer. Wow, I really should have a few expectations for myself huh? Ha!

    P.S. I love your hair when it's up, I wish mine would go in to place just like even once. And the outfit you copied.. my fav!

  4. You're so cute. I wanna dress like you!