Taking Stock {three thirty-one fourteen}

The last week has been so full of life and chaos and stress and laziness. That's why I haven't written. So I thought now would be a good time to take stock. It's a post I've seen before, and honestly I haven't had the time or the energy to devote to my writing let alone to this blog. It's sad, and it's also very hard for me. Writing is such a huge part of what I do, and how I survive. But most of this has been self inflicted. I haven't wanted to pull myself away from life. It's been full and busy and at the end of the day, if I'm not at work, I want to be fully present. So I'm trying friends. I'm trying to find balance and peace with this new shift in my life. And just when I get a foot hold, something gives a little and I have to readjust and start over. It's a work in progress, like everything else in my life. Hang in there, I'm still here and hopefully in the next week, I'll be writing. Until then, here is a little about me, right here right now, taking stock.

My favorite salad that is everything including the kitchen sink. Ok, not really but, it's a little bit of everything.

Using the microwave. That's still cooking you know.

Izze sodas, but need more water. But Clementine Izzes taste way better than water.

Pride and Prejudice, and it’s harder than I ever imagined. Like I have to force myself to read a chapter a day.

Benefit The Big Easy, Better than BB cream, because my face and skin are testing me. Also two pairs of Toms, and if it's not too much trouble a trip solo to Target.

at Instagram like always.

with some short story ideas. And also on the Internet in general.

time on Pinterest. But it's so much fun and cheaper than real life shopping.

nothing at the moment, my sewing table is still covered with Christmas Crafts. Whoops!

For balance, sleep, and a weekend away with the Hubbs.

A night at home, while it rains outside. The kids ate McDonald's, and I'm in my pjs. The countdown to bedtime is on.

for just a few free moments to write, with abandon.

painted nails, because they are almost never painted. My gel mani from Friday still looks fresh. Now to try to make this a bi-weekly event...

if I’ll ever write that book

the birthday wishes I got last week. The friends who stopped by our BBQ on Saturday.

for motivation to work out. Also praying about it too. I know it will make me feel so much better, but still... I just can't get motivated.

at being 36, how did that happen?

to remember to breathe, to take time out, and to write it all out.

McDonald's french fries that are still on the table, there is no other smell like McDonald's french fries.

my favorite aero sweats and a grey sweatshirt. And it's everything it should be as I listen to it rain outside.

Scandal on Twitter during the broadcast, try it, it will change your life. Also Mindy Kaling on Instagram, for sneak peeks at The Mindy Project.

those extra five pounds that seemed to creep in after 35, well now 36! I hide them well.

that time always wins, and trying to really live in every moment.

about what book I'll read next, should I see Divergent or read the book, should I enter that writing contest, what am I going to wear to Elevate.

writing contests I want to enter, maxi skirts I want to DIY, books I want to read, new tv shows I should watch.

and admiring my birthday gifts.

Modern Family while I watch it with my Modern Family. I heart Phil!

old, alive, hopeful, and very very blessed.

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  1. I love these posts. They always give the best glimpse into someone's life.

  2. Love this honest look at your life, Megan. Things can get SO busy, but don't apologize for not being here. Being present with your family is so much more important.

  3. Balance... ughh... I have always struggled with balance, no that's not true; I've always sucked with balance. I run full throttle until I hit a wall, then bounce off and change directions. Just keep writing (says the woman who isn't) ;) Hopefully one of us will listen to that advice!