Luck of the Irish {Get Yo Craft On}

This is a Get Yo Craft On tutorial that has appeared at Made By Munchies Mama and The Foley Fam {Unedited}. A wise blogger once told me to always eventually publish your guest posts on your own blog just in case. So with less than a week to go until St. Patrick's Day, here it is. The easiest craft you will ever do. Your welcome!

St. Patrick's day is super big around the Crutchfield house.  My husband is over a quarter Irish.  My mother in law cooks a St. Patty's Day feast each year, we even have colcannon!  And when the Hubbs was in college, he went to Ireland with his mom, aunt, and uncle and traced his Irish roots!  He found the county his Grandpa was born, and toured the Guiness Brewery.  Seriously, those were his highlights when he got home.  To say we celebrate St. Patrick's day is kind of an understatement.

Now if you know me and my blog, you know that if I'm crafting, it's easy!  I got some inspiration on Pinterest here and here, but you know me.  I want easy crafts with readily available materials.  Simple, affordable, and available at your local craft store.  So here it goes.  A little something for the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

You will need:
Sorry for the glare.
I'm a tutorial making novice!
Canvas - mine is 8x10
Rainbow yarn or ribbon if you like
Letters of any kind in any shade of green
Shamrock punch -
I splurged on Martha since I'm sure to make more clovers around here
Green or green printed scrap book paper
Not pictured
Glue Gun or craft glue

Directions: So easy you are gonna giggle!
Wrap yarn on canvas.
What ever side you choose.
My colors didn't come out like I wanted
so I cut strands and tied them in the back.

Then cut out some shamrocks!

Place your shamrocks to you liking

Then glue them in place. 
I used a glue gun because I'm impatient.
Then add you letters.  Mine say "lucky". 
You could choose "Happy St. Patty's" or "Kiss me I'm Irish"

Done and done friends!

Now I think I'd like to add a picture.  So, at my MIL's St. Patty's Day feast I will ask someone to take a photo of our little Crutchfield clan, using Instagram of course.  Then I will get the 4x4 picture printed, and modge podge it to this canvas.  St. Patrick's Day Celebrating and memories for years to come.

What do you think?  Do you think you will make one for yourself?


  1. I loved this when I saw it over at Kristine's♥ I think this could work for any holiday, right? If I get my shit together, maybe even one Patty's Day Next Year!

    You are awesome.

    1. Yeah! If you get started today, for sure you can get it done for next year! LOL. But great idea for doing this for any holiday! Love you Nay!


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