This is What Sumemer Looks Like

Summer looks like...
Ice cream all over our faces.

Lunching on different kinds of sandwiches.

Finding a way to get more water into our bodies.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free treats after deciding to go to Walmart way past our bedtimes.

Pepsi late into the night. Because it's summer and why the heck not.

Waiting in line at the drive thru on a Sunday afternoon, because let's face it, ain't no one cooking tonight. And also cooking would require a trip to the grocery store, and the couch seems like a much more suitable place to spend my time.

Wearing a sports bra/lounge bra because it's summer and it's hot. Wearing work out clothes all day and refusing to get dressed or wash my hair. Sporting a no make up face for days. Letting my kids eat chips and and drink soda at eight o'clock because they are hungry, AGAIN. Waking up late, not bothering to do anything thing important, letting the laundry sit another day. Because this is what summer looks like.

And damn it looks good.

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  1. OMG WERE YOU AT MY HOUSE?! Cause this is so our summer too. LOVE! Enjoy to the fullest!!