GD it's GFree! Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins!

Got to love my mother-in-law and her generosity.  Almost every Sunday she brings 2 gluten free box mixes with her.  If you have bought GF mixes before then you know they aren't cheap.  Now, these bad boys are filling up the pantry quick, so I'm trying to find recipes to adapt... With GF baking this can go one of two ways, and in my case the only way my baking goes is usually to the garbage...
To get started I used a box of King Arthur Flour GF muffin mix.  I've seen them at Von's, Savemart, and WinCo here in Fresno.  They most likely have them at Whole Foods as well.
Gluten-Free Muffin Mix
This is what the box looks like.
I made these muffins twice, once with not enough pumpkin and pumpkin spice, and a second time that made them taste like the Halloween treats I used to remember.  As a special request to my lovely chocoholic, I added chocolate chips, and I must say, it was a great addition.  Chocolate makes EVERYTHING taste better, and with GF baking, it makes GF a little more decadent.  Like we are eating something off the "grid". 

So if you have to do some GF baking this month, or even next month for Thanksgiving, or if you know someone who has to eat GF, enjoy or share this recipe.  As you may have figured out, I don't bake or cook if there are too many steps, ingredients, or if the whole thing is too complicated.  Also if it requires kitchen equipment out of my league of expertise, because I still have a food processor in my pantry, that is an unopened wedding gift.  What can I say, these days, the easier the better.  Have fun, enjoy, and Happy Pumpkin Season!!!
Happy Blogging (and eating),
Super Easy and Totally Delish GF Pumpkin Muffins
PS:  They are from a box mix!

1 Box King Arthur Flour GF Muffin Mix
3 Eggs
3/4 cup Canned Pumpkin (Plain with no sweeteners I used Libby's)
1/4 cup milk
1 tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice (I used McCormick)
1 cup Chocolate chips (totally optional)

Preheat oven 375.  Line muffin pan with liners, and spray with cooking spray (I use Vons brand)  Using an electric mixer, mix eggs, pumpkin, and spice in a bowl.  Blend well.  Next add the muffin mix batter, and continue to mix well with hand mixer.  Batter will be thick.  Add milk to thin the batter, and mix for another minute.  Add the chocolate chips here if you are adding them.  Fill muffin liners with 1/4 cup of mix.  Bake for 20 min at 375.  Yield approx 16 muffins.
Side Note:  These would taste great with cream cheese frosting with or without the chocolate chips.  It depends on how fancy you want to get. 

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