Mamma Rookie

I thought I knew exhaustion.  I mean exhaustion and I are old friends.  We met about 4 years ago when Caitlin refused, out right refused to sleep.  So exhaustion and I would spend our days zombie like, watching CSI, NCIS, and CSINY on demand, ALL HOURS.  Not all hours of the night... BUT ALL HOURS as in ALL 24. 

Then we added Miss Mac, and exhaustion brought his great friend fatigue, which really is like exhaustion, but with a better wardrobe.  Fatigue is what you are when you can pass as put together, but really your body is now made up of 90% caffeine, instead of water.

Yet, here I am.  Exhausted, fatigued, and down right pathetic.  It's a fact that after this weekend I feel like a rookie!

Let me explain.  This past weekend, The Crutchfields tackled 2 parties on Saturday and a family dinner, then a Halloween party on Sunday.  This is not how the Crutchfields roll.  We are all about family days and parties, but usually we tackle one at a time. 

This is my fault, because I was always super nervous and on high alert when I had to take Caitlin anywhere.  Let's just say that since she cried or refused to sleep most of the time, I was always exhausted, or at least trying to pull off fatigued.  If I was invited to a party or a get together or anything, I usually came up with an excuse, because I was already having a panic attack at the invite.  Yes!  I was that mom, who put up a great front, but was really totally freaked on the inside.  It's gotten better since Miss Mac, but I know my limits.

Anyhoo... Saturday's Halloween school carnival was a blast!  It was the perfect opportunity for Caitlin to enjoy school without the tears and big production.  We did crafts (Dad included, I think he still has glitter hands!), we bounced in bounce houses, and we played with our friends.  We were really glad to see her interact with her classmates, and with the teachers.  Of course she was shy at first, but then when she recognized some friends, she was bouncing and laughing.  Awesome! 

We left the school carnival for a princess birthday party.  So we were totally decked out in our princess dresses, one Pocahontas, one Ariel.  Another bounce house, a princess castle, and lots of cake.  As a side note, I think Fresno lost the memo that it's almost Halloween since it was like 85 on Saturday, and at about 4 o'clock heat exhaustion set in... Just in time to mosey on over to my grandparents house to see out of town family.  It was great, and everyone had a blast, however by 8 o'clock, I could have sworn it was 2 am.

Did I mention the Halloween party on Sunday.  New costumes, one Barbie fairy princess, one witch...Lots of cupcakes, mud pies, apple juice, and 85 degree weather... More heat exhaustion and exhaustion in general...

Today, oh, my today.  Pumpkin patch with our preschool class, dentist for Caitlin, and Target... I really have no words other than exhaustion...

And I'm sure you are all thinking ROOKIE!!  Seriously you should, considering I don't even work.  So how do all you Mommas do this??  I can't even imagine how it would go if I worked.  I read your Facebook posts.  With your traveling softball teams, your kids at 3 or 4 different schools, your gymnastic meets, and soccer games... Any football or cheer moms?  And most of you work?  How are you not insane?  How are you not in a loony bin?  How are you able to leave your house showered and make-uped??? 

I am in awe of you all.  That you do this weekend after weekend and then return to work on Monday morning.  Even if you are a stay at home mom, you know that you also return to work on Mondays.  I know I've said this before, but I wasn't built for motherhood, motherhood built me.  The me I am today, and it's a work in progress I totally feel like a rookie, a complete hot mess.  I'm ready for a shower and clean jammies and BED...

But the laundry, and the dishes, and the...

Happy blogging,

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  1. Honestly your body just adjusts for the most part, but I think we all have weekends where we just feel overwhelmed. I'm going on like 5 straight weekends where I pretty much have non-stop things to do and I'm about it hit a wall, I can feel it! The worst was a few weekends ago when I took my niece who is the same age as Caitlyn... two toddlers nearly killed me. Seriously. I may have vowed to never have more children that weekend :)

    Take a moment and relax. Sometimes you need to remember that you don't have to do ALL THE THINGS. I'm guilty of that myself. My kid isn't even two and I'm always convinced that she's missing out on something and will hate me forever if we have a weekend where we aren't running around like maniacs.