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 From Pinterest to Pumpkin in minutes!!!
If you haven't noticed I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Like in a why won't this load to my iPhone, I'm having a panic attack, kind of way.  What can I say?  Pinterest has totally restored my inspiration to craft more.  It's also got unbelievable boards with food, all things geeky (Harry Potter quotes anyone?) and a women's apparel board that makes style look easy and attainable. 

I'm going to be honest here and tell you directly that I am a novice crafter.  I'm just learning the tricks of the trade.  Anything I do here on this blog, can most likely be improved upon, so feel free to drop in a comment on how to do something easier and better.  Also, I will not be doing this post tutorial style, because frankly, I'm horrible at them.  I've found a tutorial on tutorials, which sounds redundant and ridiculous, but it's actually really awesome info.  I just haven't had the time to... I know, soon, I promise.

Anyway, back to Pinterest and all things crafty.  It's got great holiday and party ideas.  The DIY/Craft board is so awesome, and very "why didn't I think of that" or "I could totally do that".  With that said, I stumbled upon these little beauties a few weeks ago...
Courtesy of Pinterest via
I checked out the tutorial and decided I could do this.  However, I do not own a Cricut/Silhouette or any other cutting machine.  So how on earth would I do this nifty little initial.  Answer a particle board "C" from Michael's!  Here is a list of the items I bought:
Particle board/Paper Mache/Wood Initial (I bought the particle board)
Black Paint
Scrapbook paper
Foam "brushes"
Ribbon (lots of different lengths and colors)
A pumpkin

I'm being quite serious when I tell you the longest part of this is the painting and ModPodging.  Seriously!  I painted the edges of the letter so that it wouldn't show brown after I mod'ged the paper.  Then I used the letter to cut out my paper letters.  I cut enough to cover both sides.  Then when the paint had dried (approx. 1/2 hour) and the paper letters were ready, I ModPodged.  This was my first time mod'ging, and let me tell you I was so impressed at how easy it was.  Have you mod'ged before?  If not, look here  for all your ModPodge needs.  And yes I found that link on Pinterest... I know time for Pinners Anonymous!

As, for the ribbons on top of my pretty little pumpkin, I can't make those beautiful bows you see on baby girl heads everywhere.  I've tried, and tried, and tried again, and it's just not something I'm capable of.  It's ok, because the "bows" you see above are like scrap ribbon "bows".  Basically I cut strips of ribbon in all different lengths, then laid them out on my counter criss-crossing them on top of each other.  Make sure the print side of your ribbon is facing up... Then I picked a ribbon to use to tie the group of criss-crosses, and slid it under all the criss-crosses, and voila! This scrap ribbon puffy thing that I think looks awesome... Right?

Finally I used another ribbon to attach to the back of my letter "C" and tied it to the pumpkin stem.  Again, it really was that easy!

The Crutchfield's are ready for Halloween!!

You can check out the link under the Pinterest original to do it the super expert crafty way.  OR, you can take the basic idea and go wild.  Either way, go out, and Get Yo Craft ON!!!

Happy Blogging (and crafting),

PS: This little cutie could not stand not being involved in today's blogging adventure... That's Miss Mac!

"Please excuse my hair, Mommy hasn't brushed it yet."
PPS:  I swear it's only 8:15am, just after Preschool drop off...I swear!

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I'm definitely not carving a damn pumpkin and dealing with that mess so I think this is really easy to do and super cute!