Worn {outfits of the day and other reasons for selfies}

I've gotten out of the habit of sharing my outfit of the day selfies on the blog, so today is the day. Also I just wanted another reason to share some of these because the fun of wearing work clothes has lost it's excitement.

Black jeggings and flowy tanks. So comfy and so right. 
I usually just add a cardi for work.
Navy stripped tank, grey layering tank under, olive pants. 
New favorite outfit in rotation.

Bathing suit, because some summers you just have to own it. 

Kitty meow meow tank on date night. Because the Hubbs said, 
"don't wear a moo", 
which is what he calls maxi dresses. 
So I wore this with shorts in protest.

Peasant shirt from my neighbor that I purposely cut off the sleeves. 
I really should hide all the scissors.

Chambray shirt, burgundy tank, white shorts. 
I loved it on one of the hottest days of the year. 
But it's like weird karma that when you 
wear white shorts your monthly bill comes in. 
Why is that?

 Soccer mom to the extreme. I wore this to work for some floor setting fun, then I decided to just wear flip flops for the rest of the day. 
Can I just mention how rare it is to wear jeans in Fresno IN AUGUST? 
It's unheard of, except for last Monday when it was 
overcast and sprinkling and not cold, but not blazing hot either.

 My momma made me buy this dress. I'm so glad that she did. 
It's from Target clearance and if they hand more colors 
I would have bought them all. I'm kind of in love with it. 
And I wore bright pink flip flops because in my world that's fancy. 
Sad, but true...

From all of my #ootd posts you probably think I live a semi-glamorous life. 
Well let me tell you how wrong you are. 
Getting a good shot, with a good angle and a good filter is rough. 
Especially when you have little humans popping in when ever they like. 
I can't be mad though, she's pretty cute.

I'm sure this was the most interesting post you have read on my blog. My apologies. But it was pretty fun to write. I hope to be back with more interesting reading material soon.


  1. Looking good mama! Love the target clearance dress on you! So pretty!

  2. I too bought that Target clearance dress. We are twinsies! Let's call each other and wear it on the same day together. (I'm only joking a little, haha.)