The sixteen hour getaway

Saturday the Hubbs and I got away for exactly sixteen hours. We met some friends in Turlock, got on a bus and rode all the way to San Francisco to see the Giants play. And even though I had to be at work the next day at eight in the morning, I couldn't resist a day with the Hubbs, the Giants, and good friends. See I'm the girl that over plans. I'm the girl that knows she will be too tired to do something like a sixteen hour turn around trip. I'm the girl who makes excuses, like work or the kids. I'm always the one to say "We can't". But not this time. This time I embraced the mess and the full and the busy. I didn't want this summer to pass without going to the ballpark. I didn't want this to be the summer that I used work and exhaustion as an excuse. Because as the Hubbs reminds me, I'm always going to be tired, and I'm always going to have to work. Why does he have to make sense sometimes?

The obligatory bus selfie. Because it's not happening unless you post it on Instagram.

My ballpark selfie to let the Giants and Hunter Pence know I was there. The Giants did favorite my tweet, which got me all kinds of excited. But sadly nothing from Hunter. 

Funny story about this jersey. There were two raffles on the bus. The first was for a gift card to a restaurant in Modesto. The second was for this Will Clark throw back jersey. We, the Hubbs and I, won both. That's right. Both raffles, and the bus was none to happy with us "outsiders". It was hilarious. But as kids, the Hubbs and I both loved Will Clark. Plus the Hubbs works this jersey, am I right?

The game started at six and it was just gorgeous out. I took this picture and thought, this looks like a post card. It was a great night for baseball if you weren't a Giants fan, because they lost. It didn't matter. The Hubbs and I had a great time. We spent sixteen hours with friends who really feel like family. We spent sixteen hours laughing and being together without the interruption of being "mom" and "dad". It was the best sixteen hour getaway you could ask for.

Because if I'm being honest, I'd go anywhere with this man even if it was just a one hour getaway.

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