On my thirty seventh birthday

On my thirty seventh birthday I took a selfie. Because I had some good hair happening. And because despite my five thirty a.m. wake up call, I was happy. See that. I'm smiling. And I meant it.

On my thirty seventh birthday I spent my morning at Muffins with Mom. With both of my daughters, enjoying specially made gluten free and paleo muffins. I spent three days baking to make it there, and got up a half hour early to make it on time, but it was worth the smiles. It was also worth watching Caitlin be so proud as she told everyone around us that today was "Mommy's Birthday". My celebration was just getting started.

On my thirty seventh birthday my husband brought flowers home. Which isn't unusual because he's been known to do so. It's just the fact that he continues to do it, because I forget all about them after the first twenty four hours. Then he is left to water them until we both eventually let them die. Regardless, him bringing me flowers never gets old.

On my thirty seventh birthday I spent the afternoon with a room full of second graders and one preschooler. There is something special in the memories made when your little sister comes to class. There is also something extra special when you are the little sister that gets to participate in Heads Up Seven Up. I loved that the class totally accepted Mackenzie as one of their own.

On my thirty seventh I was proud to show off Gluten Free Twinkies that I made using a cake mix and a Twinkies pan. I was proud that I was tasked with coming up with the gluten free alternative for my daughter. It made me feel like I was one of those mothers who did such things from scratch. It's been awhile since I've felt like a super mom. The GF Twinkies were a hit, especially since it was the main ingredient in the Rabbit Racers, made by Caitlin's second grade class.

On my thirty seventh birthday I spent it with this guy, and the little family we have made together. Along with my parents we ate our hearts out at Cheesecake Factory. We laughed and talked and told the girls to calm down a million and one times. We enjoyed each other's company, and then we shopped until we almost dropped. I couldn't have planned a better evening out.

On my thirty seventh birthday I asked my Dad to buy me this CD. Because I knew he would, and because I remember listening to Hall and Oates with my Dad on our trips to Monterey after school for salt water taffy and fried calamari. Because when I was seven I knew all the words to Private Eyes. Because so much of my memories are set to music and that is all because of my Dad. Thanks, Dad.

On my thirty seventh birthday I was spoiled. Completely. By friends, family and co-workers. I was treated to a card with a posh bear riding an old timey tricycle. I got flowers and gift cards to Target. I went out to a fabulous dinner. I wore Toms and jeans all day. I spent the day with my girls, having muffins and building Rabbit Racers. I enjoyed a Starbucks and some coconut milk ice cream. I knew thirty seven would feel so much like thirty six. Just another year older, with not much changing. Thirty seven is not a major milestone year, but that doesn't take away its importance. Thirty seven a gift of another year. Another year of hopes and dreams and wishes. Another year to live and love and laugh and feel.

On my thirty seventh birthday I turned a year older, and instead of feeling sad about getting old, I felt happier than ever. Which has been the ultimate gift.


  1. That sounds like an amazing birthday!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day full of reasons to smile! Happy (belated) birthday Megan! (: