Some bunnies had a fun Easter

Our Easter Weekend was jam packed this year. We were invited to two Easter parties on Friday, three birthday parties on Saturday, and still had to find time to actually celebrate Easter. I swore I was never going to be one of those moms that dragged her kids to every party we were invited to, but I guess you have to when your kids really want to go. So we did. We did all the things. We ate cupcakes for every meal, and washed it all down with punch and soda and Capri Suns.

Here is my little bunny, all dressed up for her school Easter Party. They provided the ears and the face painting. She provided the smile and the sass.

Caitlin lucked out since she was out of school so she got to join in all the fun. She couldn't wait to get her bunny nose and whiskers.

We stayed the night with our in laws on Saturday night so we could color eggs together. It was so much fun, and when I think about it, I'm pretty sure the big kids had more fun than the little kids.

We bought some weird contraption that promised tie-dyed eggs. For six bucks it was okay, but they didn't really look tie-dyed. They looked more like we accidentally splattered some paint on hard boiled eggs. Whatever, my kids were excited.

This girl spent the night experimenting with colors. She even tested an egg without the shell in the dye. We were sure to throw that one out.

Easter was awesome, except for one hiccup. Mommy packed us all up to go to Auntie and Uncle's and remembered the toothbrushes, the gluten free baking mix, and the flat iron. What is the one thing that mommy didn't remember? The damn Easter Baskets. So poor Mr. Bunny had to leave his treasures on the floor. I beat myself up about that all day.

Luckily, Auntie came through with some gift bags and paper shreds for the Easter egg hunt. Still their metal Easter buckets would have been better. And I still made sure to Instagram about that.

After we left Auntie and Uncles, we stopped at my Grandparent's house for more food and another egg hunt. Mac looks unsure, but I promise she was into it.

Easter weekend was so much fun and so exhausting. We took it all in stride. The most important part was that I had the entire weekend off and spent every bit of it with the girls and the Hubbs. We really did try to pack in every single thing into one Saturday afternoon and evening, and it was well worth it. Egg dyes and hunts won't last forever. The magic of chocolate Reese eggs before breakfast will lose some of the magic one year. And bunny pancakes will just seem silly when the girls are fifteen. But I will make them anyway. Because no matter how old they get, they will always be my baby bunnies.


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  2. Your little ones look so cute in their bunny faces. Seems like as the weather is getting nicer we have less down time on the weekends. A blessing and a curse. I would still love bunny pancakes at 25... just saying. (;

  3. oh Easter! :) we didn't do much over here- woke up and searched for eggs with her pjs on, and ate and ate and ate! haha but she is young so next year should be more adventurous! Would love for you to come take a peek at my blog :) XO