Hello June {2015}

Hello June. I feel like you got here too quickly. As if we just rang in the new year and here you are, ready to party. Every year we are so happy to see you June. We need those lazier days. Where we lounge by the pool or watch movies in the living room with the lights off to stay cool. I'm happy to see you June, it means late nights and sleeping in and dates for mini fraps with my girls.

Mini Frap Madness.

Hello Laundry. We just can't break this cycle can we? I ignore you for as long as possible and while you may be clean, you sure aren't going to fold yourself. Why? Can't you just do me one solid? Fine. Maybe we will have a date night. Maybe next week. It's not you laundry, it's me. That's a lie. It's totally you.

Hello Disney hangover. I'm still pining over you, and all your excitement. Seeing you through the eyes of my children made me fall in love with you all over again. I needed more time. I needed to ride Dumbo one more time, and suffer through It's a Small World another day. I now spend my days thinking of ways to get back to Anaheim. I didn't know that I would feel this way, but you truly are a magical place. And having this kind of Hangover isn't so bad.

It says "No Climbing", but nothing about Selfies.

Hello mama milestone. I did it. I actually took my girls on a road trip to Costa Mesa. With the help of my iPhone we didn't get lost, but we did have to pull over a lot, and stop to pee, and even argue over the iPad, still, WE DID IT. In my early years of motherhood I would have never attempted such a feat. This year, if I wanted to go to Elevate Conference, I really didn't have a choice, but still I was nervous. I still white knuckled the wheel. I still told Jesus to take the wheel more than once. As I've learned over the years of being a mother, there is something sacred and gratifying about overcoming an obstacle on your own. Even if it's as simple of driving your five and eight year old to Southern California without your husband. After years of horrible road trips to the coast with crying children in the backseat, this was a huge win. This was me, proving to myself once again, that I can do the things that scare me.

Stopped for fries and Dr. Pepper. Of course!

Hello Elevate Swag. I'm starting to work on my Elevate recap, but I have to say, Elevate is like Oprah's Favorite Things. Except that you don't know you want these things and that they will be come your favorite. You have no idea that some of them exist. And then boom. Here you go, enjoy. I haven't even gone through all of it yet, but here is a taste. Every year the women of Elevate knock me out with their generosity, their hearts, and their message of inspiration. That alone is enough, but then, you get some serious swag. Holla.

Modify Ink, Agnes & Dora, BabyLitBooks, Woven Pear

Hello Inspiration. You can't meet with your bloggy friends and not walk away inspired to do more, write more, achieve more. I have been inspired to do great things, and not just in my blog life, but in my real life too. I feel like a weight has been lifted, as if I've gotten new glasses and can see my goals and dreams a little clearer.

Emmymom, Pink on the Cheek, The Foley Fam, Shaping Up

Hello new work life. It's been a fantastic vacation, but it's back to the grind for me. Except this time it's in a whole new world, and that is exciting. I'm so excited to learn a new business, and I'm excited to see how I can use more of my creative side in this industry. Sometimes all we need is a bump, a push, a little opportunity to bring more of ourselves into our work life. I'm really looking forward to doing that.

New hair.

Hello Me. How are you? Yeah, I'm super tired. But how amazing was May? How many new experiences did you/me have? How many times were you/we inspired? Do you feel like this is just the beginning? I do. I have no doubts that you are going to feel renewed. Let's do this. Let's do great things. Let's create and write and be present. Let's choose happiness. Let's choose this life, and stop waiting for another. Sound good? Yeah. Me too.


  1. You finally seem like you are at a satisfying moment in your ever busy life. You were miserable at your job before, and it really showed in your writing. I can only hope this new chapter in your life is just what you need to balance family and laundry. (; But let's face it, the laundry will never be done and we must accept that.

  2. Spending time with you this past weekend filled up my cup. Love you Megs! Cheers to a great month!

  3. I am seriously jealous whenever you go to a blog conference. I can't even imagine how much fun it is!!