4 Gifts 2015: Need

This is a 4 Gifts post with Alyson M. This post was not sponsored by Old Navy. I just love their clothes and their prices. They are my go to when it comes to kids clothes. 

The countdown to Christmas is on, and I’m getting nervous. What do you buy for the children that have everything? I’m not even joking. I’ve spent the better part of my Sundays cleaning closets, dressers, and rooms filled to the top with too much stuff. That’s why I love “4 Gifts”, it helps me narrow down the choices, and it also helps me focus on what my kids really need. Now in an effort not to be a super Grinch, the “Need” part of “4 Gifts” seems to be the hardest. What do my kids really need? Socks, underwear, coats, or shoes. Those are usually on the list. But seriously? Who wants just socks and underwear? Coats seems reasonable since they usually only get coats at Christmas. It must be a California thing, because we only need them here in Fresno for such a short time! Plus the coats that I have found at Old Navy are so cute, I think they will actually be well received by two children who are only anticipating toys under our tree.
I haven’t bought winter coats in years, because one, like I said before, it’s California, and two we are usually lucky to be blessed with hand me downs. Maybe it’s time to wrap up a warm coat and put it under the tree. The kids always need a warm coat, and layering sweatshirts gets old after awhile. My girls don't like anything too puffy or too stiff, so I thought my best selection would be at Old Navy since they use soft materials like their micro fleece when making their coats.

For Caitlin I picked out some of the items that are on trend for this season. An Army Green Parka, on sale now for $55. Then I loved the red and black plaid wool blended jacket that is only $38. Finally I choose a plum fleece hoodie that looks so comfy and warm, and it’s only $25! I know I can only pick one, but this is a great start. My heart says Plum Fleece, but I really think she’d adore the parka with the furry hood!

For Mackenzie, I’ve stayed neutral and simple. Mac cannot do ruffles or fluff when it comes to jackets. Recently she asked for a jean jacket, which isn’t the warmest for winter, but we can layer if we have to. Plus at only $21, how can I really resist? Then I picked a fleece Anorak in navy blue, that is get this, only $18! That is crazy! Finally I picked a similar wool blend, but for Mackenzie I choose black and white. She’s conservative like that.

The “Need” prompt of “4 Gifts” is always a tough one for me, because I feel like my kids rarely need anything. They have more than enough on most days, but if I can get some useful gifts for school like warm coats, then it’s like two birds one stone. I try my best to stay within the guidelines of “4 Gifts”, it helps me stay within my budget, it helps me gift items that will actually get used, and it helps cut down on the excess toys that, usually get forgotten by New Year’s.

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