Happy Birthday {Miss Mac turns six!}

Dear Miss Mac

Today you are six. This is the first year you have really noticed that it's your birthday. It's the first year you have counted down the days. It's the first year you have taken notice that April 26th is all about you.

Can I just tell you how much you have grown in the last year? This time last year you could only write "Mac". You weren't reading yet, and didn't really care for busy work. This year you finish your homework without fuss. You read twelve books this month, on your own, only asking for my signature after filling out your book log. You write at least two pages a night in your learning journal! That's more than mommy is writing right now! I'm so proud of you!

This year you also let your hair grow long. You've lost some teeth. Which I love because it makes your smile even cuter. You have decided that ruffles and sparkles are not for you, and that's fine. You've found yourself in leggings and tee shirts even if mom has to look the other way when you wear the really faded ones.

In the last year you have found your sense of humor and personality. You have finally figured out that we are never laughing at you, just laughing with you. You are sassy and sarcastic. You're a real practical joker. You act so much like me and daddy, which would be fine, but you're six and we're adults. The sarcasm and humor you have are rarely found on little ones your age. I love it though, even when you're so sassy and sharp with me. Even when you need to mind your tone... I love all of it.

Today I find myself wondering where the little four pound baby went. So tiny all bundled up, wearing preemie clothes for months! You are still so petite that I gave away your 3T shorts because they were no longer dress code friendly. That's another thing, thanks for agreeing to Bermuda length shorts this year. It saves us all a lot of trouble with the school principal.

I love that you love books, even the ones that sissy reads without pictures. That you still need my ear to play with when you fall asleep. That you love trucks and cars as much as Barbie and Elsa. That your favorite cartoon is Teen Titians Go.

Precious girl, I'm so very lucky that you picked me. When I chose your middle name I had no idea just how much grace you would give me. Thank you for re-teaching me the lessons of motherhood. You and your sister continue to school me every day. But with your grace, I'm better able to handle it. I'm better able to be myself.

Happy Birthday Mackenzie Grace. Every year is such a grand adventure with you. May every birthday wish come true.

Mommy loves you. So very much.

Mackenzie Grace, minutes old.

Mackenzie turns six today and this day is one of the best days that ever happened. It was also one of the scariest. I had a postpartum hemorrhage after Mackenzie was born, and had an emergency DNC the day she was born. I lost almost two pints of blood. It is still one of the scariest things that's has ever happened to me. Because of all the events of that day, there are very few hospital pictures of us. Above is one of the rare ones. Every year on Mackenzie's birthday I celebrate and reminisce on all the blessings I have and have had since that day. Every year I am so thankful for this life and all those I share it with. 

It truly is a "birth" day for the both of us.

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  1. SIX? But how? This hits waaaaay too close to home because in August, I'll be saying these very same things about Louis. How do these babies keep growing so quickly?