What's my motivation?

Scratch that.  Where is my motivation?  My lovely Caitlin is turning 4 at the end of the month, and it's party planning time.  I've got nothing.  Is it brain fatigue?  Physical fatigue?  Party fatigue?  Who knows.  I'm just not that into it.  I've lost my party planning mojo...
Ok, so it's not that bad, yet.  We do have a theme.  Ladybugs.  Cute, red and black, sweet little ladybugs.  So I Googled ladybugs, and was slapped in the face by a crafters palace of bugs.  Love bugs, snuggle bugs, boy bugs, lady bugs, every kind of bug.  All bugs created out of love, paper bags, Styrofoam balls, or cake.  A mother's worse nightmare, unless crafting is your forte.  Is it my forte?
It could be.  It should be.  I'm somewhat creative.  I've been known to sew a Foofa costume.  I've made a Ho-Ho the monkey costume.  I've made a few hair bows that were wearable.  I even performed emergency surgery on a stuffed bear that had its face ripped off by a dog.  Why should I be intimidated by some lady bug cake pops, cup cakes, and bug jars?  Why am I more afraid of having zero handmade ladybug items at the party?  When did kid parties become art exhibits?
Well it's only a competition if you compete.  So here I go not competing and feeling completely guilty.  I don't want Caitlin to look at pictures and say, why the store bought cake mom?  Why did you just buy lady bug tiaras and not slave away until the dawn hours to make one?  I guess I'll just tell her the truth.  That while Mommy loves and adores Michaels, she curses it's actual existence.
I swear that I buy more craft supplies for more projects that never get started.  I've made a few bows, tried to make a few jewelry items, bedazzled a few shirts.  I have glue gun, still in the package.  Beautiful ribbon to make Easter bows ( next year?).  Awesome ideas in my mind, but that is where they stay.  In my mind.
I've also lost the ability to be motivated.  The list of ladybug awesomeness that I've found on Google will require time.  Time I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have.  Sure, you always have time, but to actually make time?  I know myself.  If I have time to do anything, I'm sure as *S* gonna be sitting on my behind reading Tina Fey's new book.  Go ahead laugh, but I know myself.  Just yesterday as the dishes were overflowing on the counter from the sink, I was sitting on the couch with Caitlin watching DVR'd episodes of Glee.  For the record we watched the "Born this Way"  performance twice.  Caitlin likes Tina and Rachel, and I'm still super obsessed with Kurt.
So what does that say for poor little Caity's fourth birthday?  Store bought invitations, pizza (her request), ladybug cupcakes (yes I'll do it), and some fun games.  What's my motivation?  My daughter.  Her love of ladybugs and chocolate cake.  The sheer fact that store bought tiaras, pre printed invitations, and commercial decorations will not matter to her.  All she's going to care about is the cake. 
Does Costco even make ladybug cakes?
Happy Blogging,

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