Happy Father's Day John!!

This is how it started.  John as a dad.  It looks good on him right?  That's Caitlin less than an hour old!

This is typical Daddy style!  Having fun and wrestling!

This is what I find after bath time.  And yes most nights he is giving them their bath.  According to Caitlin Daddy washes hair the best.  Mommy doesn't do it right!

Here are the other things that Dad does BETTER!

Dad makes chocolate chip pancakes... Always

Dad can lift you and throw you and catch you too.

Daddy is taller so Caitlin says she sees better.

Daddy is patient, and yells less, smiles more.

Daddy can read Fox in Sox with no problems.

Daddy reads bedtime stories with variations and voices.

Daddy is HILARIOUS... Always!

Daddy can wash and comb and dry hair with the hairdryer.

Daddy uses the vacuum cleaner... Always!

Daddy plays tea party and My Little Ponies.

Daddy knows the theme songs to most of the cartoons.

Daddy loves his girls with all his heart and doesn't like to admit they already have his number.

Could he really say NO to this face?

And the number one thing about Daddy?

He still loves Mommy, no matter her faults, failures, tantrums, demands, or bitchy days.... Always!

I love you John with all my heart and WOULD NOT, COULD NOT DO THIS WITH ANYONE ELSE AT MY SIDE... ALWAYS!

Happy Blogging!

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