Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  Today my baby is 4!  It doesn't seem possible! 
It doesn't seem real!
This was the first year she made her own birthday plans.  She had her own ideas about what she wanted.  This is the first year HER opinion was the only OPINION!
This was also the year I tried so hard to honor EVERY birthday wish.  I was so utterly overrun with guilt... Year 3 wasn't the best year for us.  We had to learn how to share Mommy with Baby Sister over the last year.  I thought I at least owed her some spotlight, since Baby Sister is usually stealing it...

This is Caitlin's 3rd birthday.  She doesn't really like the attention and the Happy Birthday song.  She wanted to hide out in our bedroom and watch Max and Ruby.  I wanted to shower her with the attention she was no longer getting.  This was the beginning of having to share her mommy.  Little sister was now taking over.  I think that is why she has this sour look on her face... And I really tried with that giant cupcake!  She loved it and that's all that mattered!

This is Caitlin on her 2nd Birthday!  This is when I started to hit my stride!  When Mommy learned that breakfast cupcakes are the BUSINESS!  I tried so hard to get her to look at the camera.  Unfortunately Caitlin was born loving chocolate and cake.  When you put the two together...  This was our quite contentment before the chaos. 

This was taken after Caitlin's first birthday party.  She crashed!  In this picture I'm just as exhausted.  Not just physically, but emotionally too.  I had made it.  Through the first year.  A year I didn't think I would survive... This blissful peaceful moment was what we both needed.

This was taken just moments after Caitlin was born.  I don't think she is even a minute old.  This is my favorite picture.  Everyone always comments on how happy I look.  I am, don't doubt it for a minute, but I'm also scared out of my mind!  I treasure this picture because it wasn't just the moment Caitlin was born, it's the exact moment I was reborn.  Into a role I never knew I ALWAYS wanted.  Reborn to do the most important job I would ever do. 
A birthday worth celebrating BIG time!  Every year.

Happy Blogging,

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