I stole this idea...Don't sue me

You ask and you shall receive.  I had some questions about the headband I made in my post last week.  Everyone was dying to know when I turned into such a crafty bi@$h!  Ok, it was more like 2 of the 12 people who read this crap.  Anyway I let them know, and gave all credit, to the incredible Little Miss Momma.  You can find her at www.littlemissmomma.com.  She will knock your socks off with her beauty, her talent, and her over all cheerfulness.  I'm nothing like her, but I want her in my circle of BFFs.  Although I think my sailor mouth will get me nowhere with her.  She is too sweet for the words in my vocabulary...

So I'm going to be a HUGE copycat, which I hate.  I'm totally stealing this from her, and I hate that too, so remember, as you are crafting your own head pompom thingy, ITS A LMM ORIGINAL!! 

Get out your glue guns ladies.  Do you realize that the glue gun is the BEST invention for the modern woman?  Who needs a needle and thread when you can burn off your fingerprints with hot glue?  I never knew glue guns were so gangster...

Headband Pompom Thingy courtesy of Little Miss Momma at www.littlemissmomma.com


Fabric, glue gun, scissors, scrap felt, pen or pencil, headband

Find a circle to use as a template.  I used a hairspray lid.  Also good choices:  sippy cup, saucer, wine bottle

Use it to draw and cut 8 circles of fabric and one circle of felt.  I folded the fabric so I could cut four circles at a time.  Little Miss Momma suggested this because she is an efficient crafter.  I would have just cut 8 circles, one at a time like a dumbass.

Net grab a circle like I'm doing below:

Then hold it so the point is available to get shot with your very awesome glue gun.  Then place it on your felt circle like this, below:

Ok, then just repeat with all your fabric circles moving out from the middle until you run out.  If you run out of circles and there is still some of the felt showing you have 2 options.  1- cut more fabric circles and fill in or 2- cut the felt to fit the 8 circles you just slaved away on.  I cheated and just cut the felt.  When you are finished it should look something like this fabulous pompom:

Now cut a small strip of felt, like a small square like this:

And place your headband on top of it.  Now shoot it with your glue gun, and before it dries smoosh your fabulous pompom on top!

And you are done!!! 

Now go forth and pompom!  Pom it up.  Your kids, the dog, yourself.  You'll be the envy of all the other moms.  Why?  Because this *s* is homemade and handmade.  They will stare at you and wonder "How does she do it?".  And you can smile your "kiss my grits" smile, and say "Oh, that?  It was nothing" while you sip wine out of your Starbucks travel mug.

Happy Blogging (and crafting),

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