Commercial Break

Since I'm sick, and pretty much anything I do makes me want to hurl (including writing this now), I've been spending lots of time parked on the couch.  Thanks to my fabulous mother, I've been able to watch adult programming, since the kiddos are being shipped out to play dates and such.  So with adult programming comes adult commercials.  It's been interesting.  I'm used to ads for ZhuZhu Babies, My Little Ponies, or whatever else normal sized thing decided to shit out miniatures that my four year old loses her mind over.

So while parked on the couch I got the luxury of viewing programming that wasn't mind numbing or had cute songs to help us learn how to clean up after ourselves.  It was during an episode of NCIS and The Closer, which I was viewing both at the same time, that I saw a commercial that made me laugh out loud.

Said commercial was for EPT pregnancy tests.  It was a short little bit on 2 different ladies looking at the little plastic dip stick and smiling wide as they called someone on the phone.  Husband perhaps?  Life Partner?  Best Friend?  I laughed because I want to see an EPT commercial we can all appreciate.  Like the one where the college student is peeing on the dip stick in her dorm bathroom, while her BF sets the timer on her iPhone while chugging a beer.  Then they both jump up and down doing cartwheels when the test says "Negative" and then they both chug beers.  Or how about a SAHM with food in her hair, pop tart on her boob, and her 2 kids kicking each others ass in the background?  Because that's real life.  Then they could show her jumping up and down while adding Bailey's to her morning coffee, with an image of the dipstick with a minus sign.

Apparently I'm no longer the demographic for pregnancy test commercials.  Because a commercial showing a woman rejoicing over a minus sign isn't good politics on TV.  Good.  But just once I'd like to see the truth in advertising. 

Time for me to go back to the couch.  Until next time....

Happy Blogging,

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