First Day!

Today was the first day of school!! 
And YES we were excited and happy!!! 

Here is a picture of the outfit that she picked out. 
She said it was "fashion".

I had been so worried about this day.  I had nightmares about it.  Caitlin is a mamma's girl.  Attached at my hip.  Always.  So I was worried that there would be tears and screams and clinging to Mommy.  I was so wrong.  We walked in and met her teacher.  Then after meeting her teacher, she walked off to play.  No good-byes, no kisses, no tears... So John and I called her over and said our good-byes, and walked out.  Stunned!!  I didn't cry, but I felt a little piece of my heart break.  The little piece that told me that Caitlin was no longer a baby, but now a big girl. 

And another reason I was so worried was because I have been so sick.  And tired.  I was worried that I would not make it to the first day of school.  Would I have to stay home parked on the couch?  Would I have to send John alone to get the school year started?  What if?  It would be a major let down for
both Caitlin and I.  I was super worried.

However, this morning I got up and put on my big girl panties.
I looked at myself in the mirror and said, "Let's do this MOM!".  And so we did.

I had been thinking for weeks that I wanted to do something special.  I wanted to start a tradition.  Something that the girls and I could enjoy every first day of school.  So I did what every mom, that is sick and tired and strung out on anti-nausea drugs does... 

I made these.

They are gluten free iced sugar cookies.  You can't tell from the pictures, but I put sprinkles in the batter too.  Guess what?  They are from the Betty Crocker GF Yellow Cake Mix.  It was my first attempt at trying to make cookies that I could possibly make GF Whoopie Pies out of one day.  It was super easy... Prepare the cake mix as directed, BUT omit the water and one of the eggs.  Then add 3 TBS of sprinkles (GF of course) and refrigerate at least 1 hour.  Bake at 375 for 8-10 min.  
Decorate as you fancy. 
Fast and easy...

When I picked her up she was happy and sweaty with pink cheeks.  She did great Mom, the teacher said.  I asked Caitlin how she liked school... I LOVE IT! was her response.  She then told me about her snack (a muffin), her trip to the potty, and her new friends.  Her new friends that are both boys, Matthew and Andrew.  Hmmm... Dad's not so sure about this... But all in all she had a great day.  Even better she is all set to go back tomorrow.  Hopefully the newness and excitement won't wear off too soon.  Hopefully the fun and friendship will be just as exciting everyday as it was today. 

I am a proud Mamma today folks.  A great first day for both of us. I'm sure at some point it will all sink in and I will feel that my nest is a little emptier.  I think next year will be harder.  KINDERGARTEN.

So today was a success on many levels.  I got my baby off to school.  I tried and successfully baked a GF creation.  She loved the cookies!  She was so excited.  I made it through the day to give Caitlin a first day of school to remember.  My hope is that she loves school and learning as much as I did.  That she makes lots of friends and learns lots of things.  I hope that this first day cookie tradition is something that we can share every year, with Mac too when she starts school.  I also hope that it doesn't go too fast... It seems that time is speeding full steam ahead.  

 Oh, and PS:  This is Caitlin's new backpack. 
She picked it out. 
Did you know Pandas in pink bows are awesome? 
Well now you do!

Happy Blogging,

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