Long time NO Blog!!!

I feel like it's been a month since my last blog... It's been what like a week.  Anyway, I'm back and ready to party... Well blog anyway.  The biggest issue at this point is actually sitting down and writing.  Which is difficult since Mac is currently trying to crawl her way up my body and onto the desk. 

Since I was resting and laying on the couch feeling like I had the plague, I had lots of time on my hands (thanks to John and my mom) to think about my blog, surf the Internet on my iPhone, and watch regular TV that didn't involve talking animals.  So my list of things to blog about has grown.  So many ideas, my head is about to explode, but I'm working on it... Don't be surprised that once I get the ball rolling, I'll be posting a lot.  Translation:  Please don't "hide" me on Facebook, if the posting gets annoying. 

Here are some of the things that I have come to love since I was able to do nothing but look for things to be interested in...

Pinterest.  Am I late to this party?  I've been seeing lots of "pinning" on Facebook and the blogs I follow.  So I downloaded the app to my iPhone.  BIG MISTAKE.  I find that all I do, every 15 to 20 minutes is browse Pinterest.  It's so totally addicting, I'm surprised it doesn't serve lattes.  I'm super serious!  There are so many boards to choose from; Apparel, Fashion, People, Kids, Photography, DIY/Crafts... Endless possibilities.  I can't tell you how many DIY crafting projects I have liked, how many cupcake decorating ideas I've seen(that I will never be able to pull off, but dream big right?), how many super cute outfits I want to copy.  Pinterest has now pushed me into other obsessions, for example...

TOMS shoes.  Yes Toms.  I first fell in love with them after watching that short lived Shonda Rhimes attempt at a doctor show in the jungle.  The cutie doctors were all sporting Toms and I thought "I need those. NOW".  My interest has peaked again since on the apparel pins on Pinterest show lots of cute pictures of outfits that feature TOMS.  Sure they are a little "crunchy", they have a good message behind them, and they are super trendy.  I want them anyway.  Guess what is on my list to Santa???

Trendy clothes in trendy colors.  That I would not normally try.  Pinterest has made it look easy.  It seems that there are plenty of peeps "pinning" great outfits that highlight everything down to the accessory.  That means I have easy to follow instructions.  I have a great road map on the journey to find some style.  Plus colors like turquoise and eggplant and lime green.  Yeah, the pinning makes these look good. 

DIY Projects.  There are some awesome projects on Pinterest.  There are literally 101 things you can do with an old t-shirt.  No, literally, that's what the blog is called.  There are also a gazillion ways to frost a cupcake; layer brownie mixes, cookie mixes, and s'more fixin's in a mason jar; and decoupage just about everything including your cat (ok, not your cat).  I have found scarves to make out of old t-shirts, felt and ribbon roses to embellish t-shirts, and even a tutorial on how to make a cute blouse out of your man's old button down.  The best part?  It's all done with minimal sewing... I'm so serious!

Finally I found bluntcard.com via Pinterest.  How do I explain BluntCard?  It's crass.  It's outspoken.  It knows no boundary.  It has a love for every curse word this side of the Mississippi.  And I've fallen hopelessly in love with it.  It's laugh out loud hilarity, on a card that you can email or post to your Facebook, Twitter account, or Pin board.  Please check it out.  It does not disappoint.  Well ok, if you don't like your days littered with a little foul language, then pass on it.  Otherwise enjoy.  You can thank me later. 
Here is a sample that won't easily offend, but will get the point across:

I have to confess that I have yet to actually pin to my Pinterest board.  I hate to repin some one's hard work, or treasure.  Eventually I will have something to pin I'm sure.  Until then I like just about everything I see, then go and stalk those pinners at their blogs.  So with my Pinterest obsession taking over my days, I'm on my way back to the land of blog.  Please stand by.  Oh, wait, my Pinterest app just updated...

Happy Blogging,

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