I love him more than Instagram {Father's Day 2014}

Today, I spent time with my Husband. The father of my beautiful babies. The man that made dreams I didn't know I dreamed come true. He spent the first half of his day with just his girls, because mom had to work. And no, it wasn't a Mr. Mom kind of day. It was a completely ordinary kind of day. Because he's a Dad. A Dad of this generation. That gets his hands dirty and his heart broken by little people with limited vocabularies. He's the kind of Dad, much like your husband I'm sure, that works hard at work, and harder at home. The kind of Dad you always wanted for your children before they were even born. He's the kind of Dad who vacuums because mommy hates to.

And sometimes I take him for granted. I forget that he needs someone to lean on too. Because most of the time he seems like Superman. Because when I met him, he didn't need a thing, not even me. But somewhere down the road that all changed, and now, he needs me. To be his friend, his partner in crime, his confidante. It's so easy to forget that I'm a wife, his wife. It's so easy to forget that I'm also his friend. Life happens and gets in the way. We have to talk about the bills and the grocery shopping, and how much I'm spending at Target again. We forget to enjoy the little things. The little sliver of quiet after the kids go to sleep. The moments before they wake up. We forget to watch that movie we DVR'd three weeks ago. We forget to sit down and have dinner together. We forget that we were once friends before we were parents.

So today, I hope that he knew, I wanted to celebrate him, and the Dad that he is. Even if I didn't get to spend time with him until after work. I hope that he knows that the hard stuff will turn into the easy stuff, until it gets hard again, and that I will be with him every step of the way. I hope that he knows that I'd only climb this mountain of parenthood with him. That I'd never have made it this far if he hadn't carried me all those times. I hope that he knows that

I also hope that he realized his children adore him. That they really are two of the best things we've ever done.

Today was Father's Day. A day that could have been just another day, but because of The Hubbs, it was anything but. It was a day to celebrate, him and this life we have. A life full of chaos and mess, full of wins and losses, and dirty carpets and dishes on the counters. It was a day that I get to celebrate with him, because of him. Even if it was just as ordinary as yesterday. Because it's the magic we find in our monotony that makes life unforgettable.

And I wouldn't want to do this life with anyone else. 

Father's Day 2014