I'm gonna brag

You can stop reading now if you'd like. Because I'm going to brag about my imperfect life. I may be exhausted. I may be sitting in yesterdays clothes. I'm probably not wearing any make up and my dishes are stacked higher than me. But life is good despite all of those things. I'm blessed because of those things. So let me tell you a little bit about my life lately. It probably sounds a lot like yours.

This girl got straight A's. I couldn't be more proud, but the really awesome part is that my family as a whole is proud. Even my grandpa, Caitlin's great grandpa, who has demanded to see it because he has a five dollar bill waiting for her. I can't tell you how much my heart swells when I think about it.

I had one kid who was super excited that it was the last Monday of the school year. Then I had one kid who could give zero effs. I'll let you guess which is which.

 I had a really good pony tail day. It demanded to be shared.

My beautiful girl on the last day of school. She is so big and yet still so small. Perhaps she will always lightly tip the scales either way in my eyes. She turns seven next week, which is totally believable and unbelievable in the same breath.

Oh, you know. Sometimes your four year old says, "Mommy you forgot dinner", and it's eight o'clock on a Sunday night. Peanut butter and jelly with the crusts cut off saves the day. Also she is freshly out of the bath and in a night gown. Did I mention that I'm winning at dinner time? And those mint mason jars are plastic, four for under seven dollars at Walmart, and have customizable lids of choice. I'm not even making that up. We replaced all sippy cups with these bad boys.

 I've decided that this picture confirms I look really cute with a baby on my hip. Not that I'm planning on having another. Why would I when I have a neighbor this freaking adorable? I mean we match and everything.

 This was a legitimate warning from Aubrey Plays. I cannot stress this enough. A lesson to everyone, read the labels on your packages before you open them. I needed every ounce of this warning. Stay tuned for more information on this awesome package next week.

I wore a "new to me" skirt from my neighbor. The same one with the baby. Yeah, I'm lucky she is all kinds of awesomeness. I look really thin and fit here, but I'll just add now that this picture was taken before the coconut milk ice cream incident of June 2014. I'm recovering and doing fine, however I'm pretty sure I gained five pounds. Don't feel and eat kids.

The teen aged neighbor girls across the street brought their travel case of nail polish and played salon with my girls. There is at least a seven year age difference between the youngest and Caitlin. Mackenzie was so excited to ask Caroline to paint her nails, that it's all she could talk about. Here is the best part of this story, the girls laughed at me because I wanted to Instagram it!!

 Recital Day for Mackenzie. She did a tap number to Going to the Chapel. It was all kinds of precious and adorable. I'm going to save this picture for her wedding day. I may even show it to potential suitors. At this point I may even have it printed on a shirt to wear everywhere. That's how much I love this picture.

Caitlin on Recital Day. She got to choose her outfit as long as it was red, white and black. Her tap number was to One Direction, Best Song Ever, and she is in a group with the older girls (7-12 years). She did an amazing job and worked really hard on the routine since this is her first intermediate tap class. I'm so proud of her, but also... She looks like a teenager here!

Hello Summer Blockbuster with my favorite comedy duo since Amy and Tina. What was that? You want me to come and see you in the theater? Well, I'm pretty sure that can be arranged, let me check my schedule.. Oh, what's that, how many times does Channing have his shirt off? I can't wait.

Some people only brag about the good stuff. The perfect days, the perfect dinners, the perfect moments in their life. And that's totally fine with me. But this is my real life, and sometimes it's shiny, but sometimes it's scuffed and tarnished, and most days I'm a mess. But it's a good mess, and nothing that's tarnished or scuffed has to stay that way forever. So I'm going to brag about it all, because we all should have something to brag about.

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  1. I don't think it's bragging. I think it's bragging if you want people to think you're full of perfection. Celebrating every day life is something you should do every single freaking day. Because it's a beautiful thing, of course.