Life Lately {5/24/16}

It's been almost two weeks since my last post. My life has been all over the place. I have been all over the place. Life has not slowed down, in fact we are full speed ahead as we reach the end of the school year! I've written post after post in my head, but I have yet to stop and write them here. Sad, but true.

My last post on this blog was to announce the suspension of #threethingsthursday. There were many reasons behind the decision, the biggest being my dear friend Renee's diagnosis. Despite her diagnosis, I think that the three of us ran out of steam. It's okay to admit that we felt strapped every week, real life obligations circling around us. Blogging ain't easy, which seems laughable, but it's true. It's not easy to continue to come up with content daily. And as I become stretched in real life obligations this blog takes a back seat. That hurts me a little to admit, especially since my resolution for 2016 was to write.

I went to Elevate and returned from Elevate just over a week ago. I'll write a few posts on that very soon, but I will say that it was worth every penny and stress that I spent to get there. I saw some of my favorite bloggy people. We hugged and laughed and bonded even more under the Southern California sun. I walked away with that same overwhelming feeling of being ready for next, whatever my next may be. I won some pretty fabulous prizes. I received some serious swag. Details to follow. I promise.

Alyssa and Kristine. Love them.
Last Friday was the school carnival at my kiddos' school. I somehow found myself on the planning committee. I've been working with my co chair and other committee members since March to make sure it went off without a hitch. If I'm honest I didn't do as much as others, but I wrapped baskets and wrote bid sheets, solicited donations, and worked the food booth for about three hours. I snuck away twice to get photo booth time with my girls, but I didn't take a single IG worthy picture the entire night. Instead I was dipping my hands in ice tubs for sodas and waters. Trying to add food prices in my head on the spot. Tricky for someone who doesn't math. My dear husband spent the evening corralling our kids, waiting for them at the inflatables, making sure they ate their hot dog combos. I went home and feel asleep on the couch. In the end it was worth it, but I'm glad we only do it once a year.
Photo booth love with my big girl
I spent the past weekend cleaning and reorganizing. Hoping to get back to a more normal life. What is normal anyway? We are just a few weeks away from our last day of school. Soon Caitlin will turn nine. I'm looking forward to long nights with neighbors, and some time spent with my keyboard.

Because my life lately was been messy and chaotic.

Isn't it always?

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