Something Different {threethingsthursday 5/12/16}

Hi friends! We are switching up our Three Things Thursday Link Up a bit. The reality is sometimes life and it's curve balls forces us to prioritize, and if we are being honest we are completely OK with that. Our sweet co-host Nay is going through some rough stuff right now, and we know she'd appreciate any prayers and get well vibes you'd send her and her family! Since we know what this blogging community is capable of, let's show her lots of love! Thank you in advance. 

We have been using Instagram as another platform for Three Things Thursday, so we've decided that's the direction we want to go moving forward. No set rules, no mandatory tags - we would just love it if you use the hashtag #3FriendsThursday so we can find you and connect that way. Below are our IG handles so feel free to tag us in your posts so we don't miss them and can give shout outs to you! 
The Foley Fam - @thefoleyfam
Coffee-n-Ink - @coffee_n_ink
Absolute Mommy - @absolute_mommy

Thanks to all of you who have joined us the last 15 weeks of us hosting! It's been so fun, and we've loved meeting new friends and connecting with old ones! We hope to see you on the flipside! Remember to use the hashtag #3FriendsThursday.

The above is running on our blogs this morning. I'm not going to lie, my heart is breaking a little. My goal this year was to write more, and post more on this blog. I've been trying my hardest, but suddenly I find myself knee deep in end of year festivities. My kids have their school carnival next week. We are ending our Girl Scout year with an art show, with art the girls created themselves. ELEVATE CONFERENCE IS SATURDAY! It's all happening so fast, and with a part time job and full time kids, I'm left with little time to write. I'm looking forward to summer, possibly hosting a link up here on my own for whatever ails or pleases us. That could be fun. I'm also looking forward to lazy mornings and evenings outside with my neighbors. Thanks so much for linking up with us these last few months. It's been amazing to feel the community again. And feel free to leave a link to your most recent blog post in the comments. I'd love that!

PS: If you are at Elevate this Saturday, track me down and take a selfie with me.

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  1. Hello. Going to miss this link up but I may still go ahead and do it on Thursdsys to finish up my a-z on what I like. Here is this week's on what I like that starts with P. I hope you have a good rest of the week.