Friday Letters {Insta-recap}

I know I know another recap.  But these are from my new instagram account.  Please if I followed you before of if you followed me and we had a deep connection on Instagram, please find me at @absolute_mommy.  I had to add the underscore.  Please.  I'm missing a boat load of IG peeps and it's just not the same without you all!  Now for some Friday Letters.

 Dear Mom,
That road trip we took to Elevate was amazing.  We actually got to start and finish conversations.  There were no kids yelling from their car seats to change the music or DVDs.  I had a great time with you that weekend.  Just like the old days when it was just the two of us.  We must do it again soon!
 Dear Best Friend and Best Friends Husband,
I'm so excited for you both.  I just got the text that you are at an eight.  When this post publishes, your princess will be here, and most likely still in your arms.  I can't wait to meet her and spoil her rotten like every little girl should be spoiled.  I love you bunches, and your hubbs is ok too.  Just joking BFHubbs, I love ya!

 Dear woman who gave Mackenzie the worst hair cut of her life only second to the one I gave her as a baby,
Never again.  I don't care how much you don't over charge.  I'll happily pay the other place 10 dollars more so that I don't have to go back and have you re cut her hair to fix a mistake and have it look worse when I leave.  No thank you.

 Dear Baby Girl,
So we celebrated your birthday at school on Wednesday.  Because you don't turn 6 until the 26th of June we did it early.  It was wonderful, but a little bittersweet.  I'm not quite ready for you to be a first grader.  I'm not even sure how that's possible.  I want to soak up every bit of this summer, just so that we can cherish that last hurrah of being little.  I have a feeling first grade is going to change everything.

 Dear Hubbs,
How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways... 
Oh look there's one reason. 

 Dear Mac,
I love you because you love your baby doll that you swear looks like you (see photo above).  I love you because you continue to ask "are we dere yet" all the way to Salinas.  I love you because for the last 30 minutes of the trip you made farting noises with your hand.  

 Dear makers of blue cupcake frosting,
My kid looks like she ate a smurf.  I'm sure this was your evil plan.  You must all be men, who never have to worry about getting this color out of clothes.  PS. It also stains lips.  

Dear Work,
Are we done yet?  That is all.

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  1. So sorry that lady butchered Mac's hair. I've decided I'm not taking either of my girls to get their haircuts anymore because its not worth the money. I gave Eleanor her first haircut and it turned out just fine. In fact, everyone thought I had brought her to a salon. I still have yet to cut Isabel's hair. I figured since her hair is curly, I want to keep it long anyway.

  2. WHAT THE F!?! Can I go butcher that hairdresser's hair please!?
    oh another note...ABSOLUTEHUBS? You F'en ROCK!

  3. My iPhone 5 straight up died on me so my instagram is gone and twitter :( I know I can access via my laptop but it just ain't the same. Technology is all fun and games until it turns its back on us.

  4. Mac could b bald and still b the cutest thing ever! Sorry about ure experience tho! I really need to try cutting Maggies bangs myself cuz $5+ for a bang trim adds up!