Officially {as I ramble}

It's officially summer, the first weekend anyway and I'm officially exhausted.  Not really but wow, the weekends are going to be jam packed if this one was any indication!  Three birthday parties, fun in the sun, and a new baby in my family of friends! 
It's officially the end of the school year, well Friday anyway, and it's bittersweet.  That term gets used a lot, but I lack a better term at this moment.  My baby is leaving the warm arms of kindergarten and walking right into the harsh realities of first grade. How's that for dramatic, but it really feels like she isn't a baby anymore.  She finally has a loose tooth, three to be exact.  It took me back to that late January night when she cut her first two teeth.  Her father and I, rookies at best, trying desperately to calm her cries.  To figure out if she had a tummy ache, if she was hungry, if she was over tired.  We resorted to have her chew on a piece of ice wrapped in a receiving blanket when she opened her mouth and there was fresh blood and two little white peaks.  We were so overjoyed at the milestone.  One down and hundreds to go, but what I didn't know then is that the milestones slow down.  They don't come in quick succession, soon they are mere bumps in the road.  And that my friends, is the definition of bittersweet.
It's officially hot, as in 102 yesterday here in Fresno.  I'm fully prepared to spend it out at my mom's pool again.  But it also means water fights in our driveway with the neighbors, late night runs to yogurt or the liquor store for icy delights, and the smell of sunscreen and sweat on sleeping littles.  I read a book once where someone said that they could smell the sun on someone.  I totally know what that means. 
It's officially time for summer music.  What's yours?  I like to listen to almost everything, but the other night Summertime by Will Smith was playing and I thought, "yeah, that".  Because it was exactly what I was looking forward to.  Then I heard this song, and thought, "OMG yes", because I can't wait for long summer nights.  Because it's so true, I'm never growing up.
It's officially time to get back to writing.  Life has been so full, and at this point I just can't sacrifice the sleep.  Yet, there is this pull, daily to write.  To write something, anything.  It's time to go back to what I love, and what I cherish as mine, this blog.  I had a good laugh with the hubs the other night about the traffic on this blog.  I said it was steady, which I was pretty proud of, he said he was proud of it too.  Then I pointed out what that traffic might look like if I was able to write and post more.  That got an eye roll.
It's officially time to get back into shape.  It's bathing suit and shorts season and I miss that runners body I had late last summer.  I'm still letting Jillian kick my ass on the daily, but I think I have to call in some reinforcements.  You can laugh all you want, but I'm serious, bathing suits cannot lie!
It's officially time for my Summer Bucket List.  I wrote an unofficial one last year, and I think I'll do the same this year.  But some that are on the list already are, Las Vegas, Monterey, and The Giants vs. The Dodgers.  Our calendar is filling up fast, and I don't mind one bit.  This is the time to live it up and enjoy those long days, the time to squeeze every single bit out of the day.
It's officially time to bathe the kids, get the bags packed up for school and work, and try to go to bed at a decent hour.  The weeks are flying, another indication that it's officially summer and it won't last.
It's officially time to milk summer for all it's worth.


  1. Oh 102. I will not miss that about CA and hopefully we won't have crazy temps this summer here in WI. The smell of sunscreen on the babes is one of my favorite parts of summer. Such sweet memories flood back just thinking of that smell! And, yes summer time music.. there are so many songs that bring me back to certain summers. Enjoy your time with the girls!

  2. The smell of summer! The smell of sun! I had so many smiles on my face as I was reading this post. At the end, I felt like I wanted to say cheers, and clink glasses! ;)

  3. I'm working on our summer bucket list. I've never done one before, but I told my husband there are tons I'd like to do before the baby comes in August. One is Monterrey Bay Aquarium, which we'll be doing at the end of June. I'm so excited!

  4. Love me a good bucket list! Pls let me know if u can squeeze us in your Vegas trip :)