All Adventurous Moms do...

One of my guiltiest pleasures is the show Girls.  I'm not sure why.  I feel like it's a show I should be watching from afar.  Maybe it's because I'm about 10 years older than every character portrayed on the show.  But I absolutely love Hannah Horvath and her insecurities, faults, and quick wit.  The show is written and produced by Lena Dunham, and she also stars as a starving artist/writer, who is trying to make her way in the literary world, the real world, and the in the world of romance. Fumbling through them all.  What's not to love?  I feel the same way about the literary world, the real world, and motherhood.  Not that I have romance figured out, but you know..

One of my favorite quotes from the show is "All adventurous women do.".  It was a tweet sent from Hannah in the 3rd episode of last season.  She had just found out that her college sweetheart was gay. Has been gay,  and, it's just another personal tragedy in a line of others.  What struck me was the idea, of "all adventurous women".  All adventurous women do "what" exactly?  Have gay ex boyfriends?  Suck at trying to land "the guy". Can't find a job to pay the bills, while trying to break through with their first best seller?  I remember being that 20 something girl, almost woman, who went out and "did", even if it was a total disaster.
Which brings me to motherhood, and I got to thinking.  
What about adventurous moms?  
What do they do?

All adventurous moms sometimes chance a Target trip without a diaper bag.

All adventurous moms have a favorite child.

All adventurous moms sneak out the toys that are never played with and say a prayer that the kids will never know that Sheriff Woody now lives at a Goodwill store.

All adventurous moms decided that enough is enough and the family is going to sit down at the table and eat a meal together.  But one kid only eats foods that are orange, another cannot abide by fresh veggies, and the husband just wants to watch the baseball game in peace.

All adventurous moms think the Starbucks barista is staring at their cleavage only to find that he is staring at the baby vomit on her boob.  True story.

All adventurous moms say they are going to run to the grocery store "real quick" with 2 kids, 2 baby dolls, a stroller, and a build a bear, only to find that what would have taken 20 minutes has now taken 45.

All adventurous moms look at their husbands and laugh at the idea of "fooling around".

All adventurous moms have regular yoga pants and dressy yoga pants.

All adventurous moms wear white shirts to birthday parties, play dates, or just for the hell of it.  Even though they know that it will never be the same white shirt again.

All adventurous moms eat cold dinners, eat the last cookie hiding in the laundry room/bathroom, tell ourselves that 3pm is absolutely happy hour, and that Nick Jr is teaching my kids Spanish and mandarin Chinese.

All adventurous moms do. 

Do you?  Add your "adventurous" self in the comments!


  1. All adventurous moms wake up at 3am to eat the last chocolate drumstick without having to share and watch the previous night's episode of The Bachelorette uninterrupted.

  2. All adventurous moms declare 3:45 - 5pm THEIR time. The kids are perfectly occupied & happy playing outside, riding bikes and enjoying their friends, while mom relaxes wherever the hell she wants. She enjoys her afternoon hour without being bothered and all the while her kids are happy.

    Seriously, this post is awesome. My kids are a bit older than yours, so I'm at the point where I have a little more freedom. And let me tell you, it's amazing. ;) You'll get here! haha

  3. Love this post! All adventurous moms turn on cartoons that way they can start or finally sit down and read a book! I've been known to do that at least! :)

  4. All adventurous moms pretend to be going "poopie" so that no one will notice she's really just hiding out with her phone in the bathroom, checking instagram and catching up on her blogroll...because NOBODY wants to go in the bathroom when Mommy is pooping...
    Yes, I just went there!

  5. I'm a 'silent' reader - but wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your blog. I have a 5 month old daughter - and your blog has brought me so much comfort and happiness. The thoughts (that I've been so scared to say out loud) are written makes me feel like I'm not alone - and that it's OKAY to be thinking all the things I'm thinking. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so very much.