Six {on the twenty sixth}

Six years since becoming your mommy.  Six years of challenges, blessings, and life lessons.  
Six years of love and laughter.  Six years to learn how to really treasure you.

Five things to come this year for your.  Pierced ears (fingers crossed Daddy says yes).  
First grade.  New friends.  More teeth to loose.  And don't tell Daddy, but Disneyland!!

Four things I love about you.  
Your mischievous grin.  When you read out loud to me.  
Your amazing fashion sense.  Your kind heart.

Three birthday wishes for you.
Bows that don't snag your hair.
Your first grade teacher of choice.
A year full of fun, and that you will remember it always.

Two birthday gifts you can't live without at six years old.
The Monster High build a monster add on pack in Siren, which is a mermaid.
Clothes from your favorite store Justice.

One wild and precious life.  One beautiful child that I have been blessed with.  
One day at a time for us since day one.  One mom, and one life, reborn the same day as you, 
completely transformed. 

Because there is only one you.

Happy  Birthday Caitlin, with my whole heart and my whole life.

This post was inspired by Amanda.
Read her post here.


  1. Happy Birthday to both of you!!! This is a very sweet post. xoxo

  2. SO sweet! Happy birthday sweet Caitlin! You have one amazing strong mama! Both of you are so blessed. Lots of love from Utah! :) XOOXO

  3. Oh so sweet! Happy birthday beautiful girl and happy birthing day to you xoxo